Day: February 7, 2020

Pete Pham Director

PetePhamDirectorSaigonPete`s food&nbspAddressTrucksManagerSaigonPete`s food&nbspAddressDearSirRef:The Need to Buy New Trucks as Part of Expansion PlanHavingmanaged the company trucks successfully to ensure that customers arewell attended to and company products available at the…

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Nutrition Resource Portfolio

NUTRITION RESOURCE PORTFOLIO 6NutritionResource PortfolioCurrentissuesSamanthaM. S. (2015). Nutritionand Science: How to Feed the World,Retrieved From,&lt October, 2015Thearticle explores the current issue of feeding the world and theimportance of nutrition. According…

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Business Letter

Insert Surname Here 1BusinessLetter(PleaseInsert Your Names Here)Manager/Operator,Saigon Pete`s midtown food truck10thOctober 2015PetePhamCEO,Saigon Pete`sDearSir,RE:APPLICATIONFOR A MANAGERI(insertyour name here)manager and operator of Saigon Pete’s midtown food truck. I havebeen an employee of…

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