Myoutright concern is about high school performance amongst teenagers,the factors that affect their performance and the measures that canbe put in place to help achieve high performance levels amongst thehigh school students. According to research findings, parents’involvement has proved to be a key factor in alleviating andcontaining a student’s performance and character, (Wang &ampSheikh, 2014). The pattern of research findings indicates skewness inimproved performance amongst students in favor of those whose parentswere strongly involved in their schooling activities. The parents’involvement comes at various capacities with varied impact many attimes pegged on the frequency and persistence of the involvement,(Wang &amp Sheikh, 2014). For instance, when parents attend schoolacademic meetings and show interest in their students’ education,students tend to work harder and better in addition to recordinghigher participation levels.

Highschool students are adolescents and go through a number of changesphysical and emotional changes that could affect their performance,(Arrington, 2011). The performance of the students could get affectedby factors like peer pressure, laziness, bad company or even badrelationships with their teachers, factors that can be discovered andaddressed with parents’ keen involvement and collaboration with theteachers, (Carroll, Duffy &amp Martin, 2014). Students can severallybe cheeky and lose focus of their concentration but when the parentssupport the teachers, all seems to sway back on track and thestudents seem to mostly get rehabilitated.

Thetheoretical frame works of the other students tend to work out withregard to their topics. The Maslow theory of assumptions tends to beput to test to determine their applicability as most managers tend topractice the effect of the incentive and non incentive assumption.


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