Dueto advancement in technology, creation of an app is relatively easy.However, the creation and launching of an augmented reality app forfurniture marketing is a tip of the iceberg. There are numerouschallenges that face the app in the road to success. As mentioned,the furniture market is very competitive. Additionally, there are anincreased number of similar apps in the market. The success of anyapp or any product in the market is influenced by the ability of theapp and the marketing team to target the right client or audience.Thus, market segmentation is a critical aspect of marketing the app.It involves breaking the target market into smaller and homogeneousgroups in order to increase the efficiency of the marketingstrategies (Dibb &amp Simkin, 2013). Majority of app are consumeroriented. However, the furniture app will target both business anddirect consumers. Individual consumers will use the app in furnishingtheir houses while corporate can use the app in furnishing theiroffices.

Thereare several factors that need to be considered during segmentation ofthe app market. The most important factor is demographics. Majorityof marketing teams consider demographic approach as the mosteffective approach to market segmentation. This involves dividing theapp target market into groups based on age, gender, race, maritalstatus, level of income, level of education and occupation amongothers (Dibb &amp Simkin, 2013). For example, the level of income orlevel of education will have an influence on the relevance of the appto the targeted customer, making it an important segment of the appmarket. Another important approach in the segmentation of the appmarket is lifestyle or psychographic segmentation. Other essentialsegmentation approaches include market segmentation based on customerbehavior, geographic location and business segmentation (Dibb &ampSimkin, 2013).


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