About the Messiah


Aboutthe Messiah

TheOld Testament verse in Micah 5:2 about the prophecy of the coming ofJesus touched me the most. First, Micah was a new version of theprophet Isaiah and is part of the prophets that prophesied about thecoming of Jesus. He existed in the eighth century before Christ. Inthe verse, Micah describes the coming of Christ to Bethlehem bydescribing it as the smallest amongst the tribes of Judah. However,he creates faith by announcing that Bethlehem is selected to be thesource of the Messiah. Although he does not clearly state themanifestation of God in the flesh, in essence, Micah predicted theplace where Jesus was to be born (Moore, 2009).

Thefulfillment as found in the New Testament verse Matthew 2:4-6provides more details about the fulfillment of the promise. Mathewoutlines that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the city of Judea. Themanifestation of God in flesh starts to appear. First, the wise menare led to where Jesus was born by a star. Even further, theappearance of the angel of God to the wise men- On their way to seeJesus they met with King Herod. He told them to come back with newson the location of the child that he would ‘worship’ him too.Although, the main intention of King Herod was to kill baby Jesus,the angel appeared to the wise men and advised them to take anotherroute on their way back home. Upon realizing that the wise men nevercame back with the news of the location of the baby, King Herodinitiates an operation to kill all newborn children during the timeof Jesus. Once again, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph andtold him to take the child to Nazareth (Moore, 2009).

Asa Christian believer, in my utmost honest opinion, Jesus was theMessiah. First, his prophecy fulfillment is stunning due to thedifference between the Old and the New Testament. It equates to sevenhundred years. The prophesiers did not live to see their works cometrue. However, the passage of information from one generation to theother lived in patience until the fulfillment. It is just like themodel of education where people study and end up inventing or gettingclose to an invention. A follow-up of studies leads to thedevelopment of new findings. The truth about Jesus is fascinating,his life occurs as prophesied before (Moore, 2009).

Inthe Old Testament, the prophet Isaiah made a prophecy about thecoming of Christ. He addressed the House of David and thedescendants. Specifically, he said that the Messiah should be born ofa virgin as a sign from God. Besides, Isaiah says that the name ofthe child shall be “Immanuel” to mean “God with us.” Infulfillment of this prophecy, a young virgin –Mary was engaged toJoseph, who was a carpenter in the city of Nazareth. One day, anangel visited her and revealed she would bear a child. Mary gotastonished as she had not slept with a man. The angel responded bytelling her that the Holy Spirit beget the child (Moore, 2009).

Besides,there is the event when Jacob was blessing his 12 sons that laterbecame the 12 tribes of Israel. Jacob said to Judah- one of his sonsthat his descendants shall be rulers of the world. Similarly, Jesuscan be well traced back to his ancestor Judah. The life of Jesus wasthe fulfillment of the past, and the occurrence of activities furtherproves that he was the son of God Jesus remains the current debatebehind the activities ongoing in Israel (Moore, 2009).


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