ACME Medical Centre Case Study


ACMEMedical Centre Case Study

ACMEMedical Centre Case Study

Nursingis a profession that is bound by humane values that has utmostrespect for human life. Ethical dilemmas are faced in this professionmore often. They can be defined as problems that have no satisfactoryresolutions. According to Burkhardtand Nathaniel (2013), thechoices made in many situations cannot be satisfactorily be definedas to being good or bad. For instance the decision that Margaretmakes to go back into the explosion to help her patients, a riskydecision could vary with other nurses. Provision three in the code ofethics expects a nurse to advocate and actively strive to protect therights, safety and health of her patients. Provision five expects anurse to care of themselves. This situation is a clear ethicaldilemma that Margaret was faced with. She upheld her duty to othersfrom herself. That is the core value of nursing profession whichseeks to respect the sanctity of human life.

Altruismis an important value in nursing. It is the duty of a healthpractitioner to provide utmost healthcare to patients in need(Pamela,2013).It is important to take charge and responsibility whenever anopportunity presents itself. Nursing is a noble profession that seeksto avert human suffering and promote human dignity through care. Anurse owes the same responsibilities to self as to others. In thisregard it is important to note that a nurse is obligated to upholdher integrity, safety, competence and strive for both personal andprofessional growth Burkhardt&amp Nathaniel, 2013).

Themost prominent alternative way of solving this problem is delegationof duties. It is very clear that the environment is too risky forjust a female nurse to rescue the patients. Positive personal valuesare important in such situations. Peter and Joseph should insteadhelp to rescue as many patients as they can. This way, the nursewould provide any possible first aid to the rescued patients. Teamwork should have been the core of operation in such a situation,rather than seeking personal deliverance. Some of the options forsolving the problem include they should help save themselves firstbefore rescuing others. Secondly, John should follow Margaret as theremaining groups wait for help. Lastly, they should be going withJoseph`s and Peter`s suggestion.

Inthe first alternative if John and Joseph follow what Margaretsuggest rescuing those trapped downstairs, they could either succeedin their mission or fails to find their way back. When everyoneremains, the chance is that those agents calling for help will die ofburn-related injuries due to fire or suffocate due to the presence ofthick smokes. There will be a possibility of Margaret succeedingsaving few individuals. Also, the possibility of fire blocking her ormay kill her on her mission of rescuing the victims downstairs.Should John incase agree to follow Margaret, the chances of savingmore lives? There is also a possibility that they might fail toreturn successfully if the fire gets worse.

Rescuingthe infant child should first before considering another alternative.Secondly, we will try to adopt John’s and Margaret’s suggestionof saving those people crying for help. If it is not manageable dueto a maybe increase of fire the last alternative can be applied andin this case, every man for himself. It is better to save the fivethan to perish all. From the situation as it appears, a life of theinfant who was sick comes first. Hence, the child and the mothershould be rescued from the place. Secondly, those who were callingfor help will be considered. But in this case, the situation willdepend on. If the fire is not worse, all except Mary and the childwill help to rescue the victims. But if not, then no option ratherthan watching them perish despite physiologically we will bedisrupted.


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