Admission Application essay Essay 1


AdmissionApplication essay


Beinga student of electrical and electronic engineering, I have learnedsome tips on what a favorable learning environment entails. I focusmore on the student –student relationship. Mycontribution to this sector is to campaign for good student behaviorand offering academic support to fellow students in my capacity.Moreover, I consider it my duty to encourage teamwork among studentsin academic works and to act as a role model by avoiding involvementin bad student behaviors.I strongly believe in hard work, organization, and professionalism. Acombination of the three can help to bring out the best in anyone.

Electricaland electronic engineering comes along with many skills. Its specificskills include computer programmingand computer-aidedcircuit designs. Otherapplicable skills attained include the ability to think outside thebox, creativity, and open-mindedness. Programming methodologies aremeant to challenge engineers and to equip them with problem-solvingtechniques. These techniques enable me to explore all kinds ofalternatives and choose the best one. Good team work facilitates theachievement of high yields.Time management and sequential arrangementof events help professionals to handle issues within ethical codes.Allthose experiences have molded me to be a person who is goal orientedand aimed at producing the best results with utmostefficiency.Also,the virtues of accountability and responsibility have been instilledin me. In anutshell,my earlier studies and achievements have prepared me for graduateschool.


Thenew month of May 2015 came with the worst news for China’sinsurance companies. A constitutional amendment stipulated that itwas compulsory for all insurance companies to offer cover on naturalcalamities. Every year around June marks the onset of a five monthslong typhoon season in North East Asia. This would almost immediatelymore than double the number of clients seeking insurance cover at allour branches countrywide.

Havingbeen a worker in Ping, An Insurance Group, for about two years, wasmy biggest challenge. On one hand, the investors were worried aboutthe anticipated losses by the company for covering this highlycertain risks, while on the other hand the government had laid outthe law and was strict to see it obeyed. If I disobeyed thegovernment’s directive, the company’s license would be forfeited,and I was at the risk of a jail term exceeding five years. If Iobeyed the government’s directive, the company would have to layoff some workers or risk going bankrupt.

BeingChina’s biggest insurance company came in as a disadvantage for thefirst time. The bigger the company meant more clients seeking coveragainst these highly certain risks. I called in an emergency meetingof all stakeholders where an unforeseen solution was born. A commonbody was formed whose mandate was to come up with safety requirementsthat a property owner had to meet to qualify for an insurance coverand also to educate the public on safety measures to take to avoidthe loss of life and the destruction of property during the typhoonseason. This not only lowered the certainty of these risks occurringbut also reversed our fate. The insurance clientele grew tremendouslyin all the insurance companies.