Admission Essay for Physician Assistant


Admission essay for physician assistant

I can undoubtedly recollect my first time contemplating joining aninstitution of higher learning. This was back in my junior highschool years, when I was beginning to reflect about my academic andcareer futures. Half of my family members were well versed with thechallenges that a young academician may face when reckoning abouttheir future, as they had undergone through the same. I took this tomy advantage, and decided to learn from them. Among my concerns ofpriority were the institution that I would join after completing myhigh school years, and importantly, the course I would undertake.Given this, I went from one family member to another, inquiring aboutwhat the future possibly held, and how I would handle it. It wasduring this that I decided to take a more comprehensive approach,which involved doing a detailed assessment of the possible careeropening and opportunities.

Right from the onset of my educational and career assessment, Inarrowed down to the medical field. In every day, the gift of lifeitself is a mystery, just as the existence of the society as we knownit. Medicine has allowed people to get past the very threat to theirexistence, which is disease and illness. Consequently, I cancontentedly affirm that my desire to venture into the medical fieldwas more than just a snap decision. While I recognize the gift oflife that our Creator gave to us, I am of the idea that protectingthat gift, and helping others to protect it, is one of the mostdivine undertakings. This philosophy guided me to choosing PhysicianAssistant (PA) as my career choice. While I admire the work ofrenowned physicians across the world, it is my desire to join theircocoon and go on to be one of the most recognized ones.

Atmany points in my life, I have been involved in a number ofhealthcare-related activities that besides motivating my passion inthe field, have given me insights into it. For instance, volunteeredat Albert Einstein Medical Center. While at it, I was able to help anumber of people with matters that affected their medical fitness.For instance, I remember helping an elderly lady who had problemsusing her inhaler, and had to be rushed to a hospital to get moredetailed medical attention. Besides helping the senior doctorsstabilize her condition, I learnt more about the procedures followedwhen dealing with emergency cases, especially those involving thevulnerable in the community.

WhileI endeavor to develop my career as a PA, I continue to reflect aboutthe opportunities that it will open up for me. Besides preparing meto be part of a medical team that helps the needy in the society, Ilook forward to being an independent practitioner, and perhaps, be ina position to serve beyond my geographical borders. I have alwaysadmired the works of famous medics, such as Mother Teresa. While suchpeople have been able to serve humanity to their best, they redefinedsocial work and medicine, hence, opening up for others to join them.I strongly believe that through such work, the world will be a betterplace to live in, and the human race is set for a brighter future.