Adolf Hitler



AdolfHitler (FamousHistorical Figure)

WorldWar I and II is some of the key historical events to have occurred inthe world. With the mention of such events different people,occurrences, and regimes comes to people`s mind. One of the majornames that are associated with the term World War is .The name runs shivers in many people and is associatedwith the worst cruelty ever witnessed. was a Germandictator and a military leader of the Nazi army whose actions led tothe World War II. He is also known for orchestrating the holocaust bycreating fascist policies that led to the killing of more than sixmillion Jews in an attempt to cleanse the German race. This is ashort biography of the famous highlighting hisachievements that made him a significant historical figure.


Hitlerwas born on 20th April 1889 in the Bruno Am Inn, Austria. His parentswere Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl and he was the fourth born of sixchildren (History, 2014). His family moved to Germany when he was 3years old. According to BBC (2015) “He attended Primary Schoolwhere he showed great potential and leadership qualities. Hereenacted battles from the Boer war with fellow children.”Following his father’s death in 1903, Hitler dropped out ofsecondary school after failing his exams. He inherited some moneyfrom his father and moved to Vienna hoping to pursue a career in Artin 1907. His applications were, however, rejected by the ViennaAcademy of Art and the Architecture School (History, 2014).

Hitlerin the First World War

Duringthe outbreak of World War I, Hitler applied to serve the German armyand was accepted in August 1914. He fought in a number of significantbattles and was wounded and while, in the hospital, Germanysurrendered an action that infuriated and depressed him. However, hereceived recognition for his bravery garnering honors such as theIron First Class and the Black Wound Badge (Hitler, Domarus &ampRomane, 2007).

Hitlerin Politics

AfterWorld War I, Hitler joined politics. He attended his first meeting ofthe German Workers’ Party in 1919, as a spy of the German Army.However, he agreed with Anton Drexler’s views on nationalism andantisemitism. Therefore, his passionate speeches against the Treatyof Versailles, which many people agreed to (History, 2014). Hequickly rose through various ranks to become the leader of theNational Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi) which grew at anunprecedented rate to reach 56,000 members by 1923 owing to thehostile economic times. Hitler was then elected as the Chancellor ofGermany by President Hindenburg in 1932. President Hindenburg died in1934 and Hitler took over the role of the president and that ofChancellor (History, 2014).

Hitlerin Power to his Death

Whilein power, Hitler brought various changes in Germany. He rebuilt thearmy in preparation for war. He broke the constraints of theVersailles treaty responsible for ending World War I. According toWiesel &amp Wiesel (2006), “Hitler adopted laws aimed at ensuringGerman racial purity by killing more than 6 million Jews as hethought them to be inferior to Germans.” He invaded Poland inSeptember 1939 to mark the start of World War II. He formed treatieswith Russia and Italy to fight against the allied powers of Britain,France, and the US. He took over France, Denmark, and Belgium inlightning speed. However, the allies fought back and by 1945, theyhad defeated much of the Nazi army. Hitler committed suicide on April30, 1945, following the liberation of the captured countries by theSoviet Union.

Inconclusion, will forever be remembered for startingWorld War II the most fierce and costly battle in history where morethan 60 million people were killed. He is equally remembered for hisideas on racial cleansing causing the death of millions of Jews andhandicapped people. His dictatorship and trying to expand the Germanterritories by use of force also makes him a significant historicalfigure.


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