Affordable Care Act

The factors that I would consider in a long term review of the are the benefit that the act has in my coverage.If the insurance coverage does not benefit me and makes me dig deeperin the pocket, then it is not worthwhile. The second factor thatneeds to be considered is whether the legislation is reducing thespending rate of the insurance coverage to the patients. The lastfactor to consider is whether an individual will need other insurancecoverage rather than the Obama Care.

The positive changeresulting from the health care reform is that is a near universalaccess that the government is implementing. Based on that Americanslevel of income earning is different the Obama Care insurancecoverage aim is to reduce uninsured individuals with 31 millionindividuals. The entire American will access the insurance coveragedepending on the level of how one earns. Additionally, the AffordableCare Act has shown a positive change by fairness and affordability(John, 2010). The areas that need to be revised is either to do awaywith the existing insurance coverage or remain with Obama Care basedon that it will be costly to pay two insurance coverage. Themajority individuals who live above 133% federal poverty levelimplies will have two insurance coverage.

The changes that Ipredict that will change the cost curve of health care spending fromgoing forward is the accessibility of near universal care act. If anindividual earns below 133% federal poverty level will need the ObamaCare and the act will be charged differently. The person who earnsbelow 133% cannot go for another insurance coverage and thus there isa high possibility of the curve remaining stagnant or go below sincethe insurance companies need clients (Allhoff, 2014). As a way toboost their insurance coverage to be competitive with Affordable CareAct, they will have to reduce the cost of coverage.

In the first video,Obama promised change to create an America that the common peoplewant. During the campaign period, he promised American an affordablecare act that all Americans will enjoy. He had to lift up people intheir wage bills, and this was termed as Obama deal. He promiseduniversal health care to the American and had to honor the promise.This was part of the change he promised during the campaign period.The low-income earners, high and the young people were considered inthe universal health care. Health care reform had to be carried, andthis is the reason the universal health care was established.

In the health carereform video very few Americans new about the affordable care act.The American population is about 310 million and only 12 million knewabout it. The problem with the current coverage is that cost makesmany people not to afford the services. The health care coverage forthe families is very costly. For instance, $14,000 is used for thecoverage that makes the current health care coverage expensive. Thesecond problem is pre- existing conditions that make the coverageunaffordable. For example, diseases like cancer, asthma and bloodpressure are increasing now and then and thus the health facilitywill demand a lot of funds making it impossible to be secured.Comparing with the once paid no more charges willbe demanded. Free services will be available and young people will becovered under their parents polices until attained 26 years.


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