America in 1920 Literature Questions

Americain 1920 Literature Questions

Question1: Comparing Babbit and Looking Backward

Thetwo books look at the American society differently and with differenttones. The tone in the book by Sinclair Lewis is that of anexaggerated irony of criticizing the American society for competingto gain wealth and social status. In the book, Lewis uses satire todescribe the problem of Americans to agree to anything that thesociety imposed on them, in their chase for wealth. For instance,Babbit secretly dislikes the competition and dishonest tactics theyuse to make money from the middle class society (Lewis 361). Throughthe exaggeration of irony, Lewis criticizes the acceptance of theAmericans to the middle-class mentality and social status of life.

Ina different tone, the book by EdwardBellamy focuses on the future by showing confidence that the Americansociety will become better. Unlike Lewis, who critiques, Bellamygives visions of confidence to the people that America will become abetter society. He gives this optimism in the middle of thechallenges that American society faced in the early 20thcentury. For instance, cites the employment problem inlate nineteenth century where there were many labor problems betweenworkers and employers (Bellamy 23). By taking the utopian view of adream, he gives hope for a better working environment as a progressof the American society.

Question2: America in 1920

Americain 1920 was a progressive society that had experienced social changesdue to economic developments in the country. One of the maindevelopments was the growth of industries that brought about a newsocial class status the middle class. It is this middle class thatLewis criticizes when he presents Babbit as a character. In 1920,employment levels increased and the country experienced a movement ofpeople from the rural areas to the cities, where the industries werelocated. As a result of economic growth, America also experienced theemergence of the youthful population that sought to achieve dreamsand goals. This is what led to the growth of talent and professionalsin the American society.


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