Americans and Cost of Medical Care

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Americansand Cost of Medical Care

Theexamples show that our culture in regard to medical cost affectseveryone and that the cost of medical cost is considerably high. Forinstance, they show that United States is one of the best countriesin regard to medical costs. Essentially, most of the medical schoolsfrom US ranks high such as Stanford, Harvard and John Hopkins just topresent a few. Nevertheless, the culture of best medical care doesnot wholly mean that they cannot have set backs. As a matter of fact,medical cost is one of them where they consider it to be veryexpensive in the United States where information is gathered fromvarious organizations over a period.

Theculture of high cost has made many people to decline to have medicaltreatment which in essence makes them to be affected. The healthcareinsurance which has been brought by the state to reduce the number ofpeople not insured has not helped much and in fact, people decline.They cannot afford the rising costs of medical care as a result ofhigh cost of living coupled with low wages to support themselves ortheir families. In as much as the cost of medical care is high, ifthe expenses are not eased through the medical care act, more peoplewill be declining to have medical treatment. They will opt forcheaper medical services which in the real sense may not beeffective.

Thesebehaviors of high cost of medical care are overly unnecessary. In afree democratic state, people should be given the prerequisite tohave good health standards as per the constitution. The populationthat is not insured is the reason why many people are declining tohave medical care treatment. They are so many when compared to thepeople with insurance, this being them that have private insurance.This general behavior is discouraging and the government or the givenstate should ensure that all people without favor are given medicaltreatment that is affordable and standardized. Thisbehavior of decline in people taking medical care treatment can beobserved in people with low income. In essence, they are the majoritywho has declined to take this care treatment in the recent past.Comparatively, the high income earners delayed treatment since afterall, they can afford it. The middle income earners show that some arelikely to decline treatment while some get treatment. This shows thatthe medical care in America is very expensive unless medical carereforms are introduced.

Medicaltreatment can be classified into two non serious and seriousconditions. A small number of people with conditions termed serioustend to decline treatment than the individuals. On the other hand,the individuals with non serious conditions tend to decline treatmentalso. This is indicative of how many people die as a result of notaffording to seek treatment. This may increase the rate of death inthe United States even by a small margin. When the non serious casesare neglected, it might lead to more serious cases making it moreexpensive to the affected people.

Thenumber of physicians in the U.S per person is absolutely low. Thus,it is very complex for a patient to get quick attention by themedical doctor. For instance, when having a surgery, a patient mightbe forced to wait for hours or even days to be attended to. Most ofthe hospitals lacks ready services and some have to outsource thephysician of a certain field which in turn adds more burden to thepatient. As a result, getting one physician is quite expensiveespecially where the treatment is too serious and thus the conditionswill make healthcare expensive for citizens with low income.

Thecost of buying drugs in the United States is very high. An individualmay afford to see a physician but at the same time, they cannotafford medication they are prescribed to especially for especiallydrugs for long term use. When compared to other economies, US has ahigh economy and thus low citizen earners find it hard to have theseprescriptions. In essence, it shows that getting drugs for medicationis a bit expensive. The production cost for the drugs in the UnitedStates is so low though producing new drugs is high and the newerdrugs are more likely to be effective.

Itis reported that in the United States, there are patients escapingfrom hospitals. This behavior is derived from the mere fact that theyare not able to pay the hospital bills. As a result, this scenarioneeds immediate attention. Another group of patient recovers from thehospital but they fail to pay the services that were rendered by thehospital which in turns drives the cost of health up for low incomeearners and all the income levels.

Inconclusion, from the above for instances, it is evident that thehealthcare cost in the United States us overly expensive. The stateneeds to get better alternatives that will reduce these costs ofhealthcare, have insurance policies that are favorable to allcitizens in that they will get proper services and ensure that thelow income earner is able to afford every medical problem on theirday to day lives.