Analysis of the Film Monsters University

Analysisof the Film Monsters University

MonstersUniversity is an animated film produced in 2013 as a prequelMonsters, Inc., which had been released over a decade before. Thismovie revolves mainly around two freshmen monsters, Mike and Sulley.These two start off as archrivals. Mike is the brainy one whileSulley is the brawn. They end up crossing each other’s path’s asthey strive to outshine each other. They, however, fail to do sosince each of them lacks the quality that the other has. Mike dreamsof being a Scarer, these are the monsters allowed to enter the humanworld, and their job is to scare children, and the screams of thesechildren are then harnessed as a source of energy. However, Mikelacks the physical appearance to look the part as a great Scarer.James aka Sulley on the other hand also dreams of becoming theultimate Scarer as his predecessors before him. He is under immensepressure to achieve, but he fails to be book smart enough to make agreat Scarer (Braidotti,30).Eventually, the two learn that only teamwork will get them to achievetheir goals. They join hands and as a unit they achieve what no othermonster has ever done, scare an adult. Numerous lessons can beobtained from this film for any young adult about to or one who hasalready joined college. Some of the lessons are discussed below.

Havinga dream

Thefilm focuses on having a dream. This is because the film startseleven years before when young Michael Wazowski has gone for a fieldtrip with his young classmates to Monsters Inc. this was the city’smost profitable and renowned scaring company. While there he sneaksto a restricted area, and he can get the first-hand experience on howa Scarer operates. All that fascinates him and after one of theScarers tells him that Monsters University is the best college for aperson wishing to be a Scarer, Mike’s dream is born. He works hardand smart until he eventually gets admission to the University. Whilethere, he kept excelling at his classwork while still focused on hisdream. However, he met some setbacks after he was told that he didnot have the physique to make a good Scarer. Mike felt that his dreamwas now a daunting task but with the help of his former rival nowbest friend, Sulley, he did not despair and kept working hard untileventually he proved all those who said he couldn’t do it wrong.The lesson learnt here is that one should never give up on theirdream (Sheng,et al. 1297-1305).They should keep working until something finally happens. Destiny candiffer but it can never be destroyed.


Anotherlesson gotten from the film is about teamwork. Mike was extremelybook smart there was no procedure, rule or even technique he had notmemorized. However, his application of all the theoretical knowledgehe had was extremely lacking. Sulley, on the other hand, had all thefield practice, and there was no technique of a Scarer that hecouldn’t perform with utter perfection. However, he was not goodwith the theoretical principles. He failed dismally in all hiswritten exams. Once the two of them joined forces, and each broughttheir set skills to the table, the two became akin to invincible.This clearly shows us that we may feel that we are good, even betterthan most people at certain activity but we still need to join upwith others and work as a team. This is because different people havevarious talents that once all of them are put together, the resultswill be highly beneficial (Clarke,592-598).


Akey lesson portrayed in the film was trust. Ever since his childhood,Mike always had this inferiority complex. He deeply believed that noone trusted in his ability. That is why he kept pushing himself toextreme limits so as to try and earn people’s trust on hisabilities. Sulley, on the other hand, came from a family of greatachievers. He became scared that he could be the one to who wouldfail to succeed. This made him lose complete trust in hiscapabilities. Once the two became friends and teamed up, slowly theybegan to trust each other, and this built up their confidence andfeeling of self-worth. However, Sulley messed up during the finalstage of the Scarer competitions that they were in. Their team wasdown by about nine points and Sulley was scared that when Mike’sturn came up, he would fail to scare the robotic child fully. He,therefore, adjusted the test setting to easy therefore making Mikeeasily win the challenge. Soon as Mike learned of this, he felt hurtand betrayed that Sulley, a monster he trusted, did not trust himenough (Johnson,et al. 58).It took a lot for Mike to forgive Sulley finally. This shows us thatin this life we have to develop trust in us and also for those closeto us. Also, once we have earned someone’s trust, we should do allwe can never to lose it.


Overall,the movie is very educational and a useful tool to encourage andmotivate any young and struggling student out there that for them toachieve their goals and dreams, they need teamwork and complete trustin themselves and their teammates.


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