Annotated Bibliography on the Millennial Generation

AnnotatedBibliography on the Millennial Generation


AnnotatedBibliography on The Millennial Generation

JamesO. (2005). Is It Age or IT: First Steps Toward Understanding the NetGeneration. North Carolina State University.

James’article focuses on the necessary steps that may help in gaining abetter understanding of the Net Generation that is the collegestudents in line with how they use technology. As explained, aninsight into the same arises owing to the fact that in the UnitedStates, college students start using computers before the age of 16and thus a factor noting.

Keene,Douglas L. Handrich, Rita R. (2010). Tattoos,Tolerance, Technology, and TMI: Welcome to the land of theMillennials. Jul2010,Vol. 22 Issue 4, p33

Theauthors of the article provide critical information about thegeneration of the millenials stating that they are a highly educatedgeneration who comfort with technology such as the internet and froma broad perspective social networking.

Mortimer,R. (2014). Wiseup to the millennial way for a next-gen business. Mortimer’sarticle presents an insight into the millennial generation from thepoint of view as both workers and consumers. The author asserts thatwith the access to the internet, employees to a considerable extentget to work for long hours, giving the example of having to checke-mails at home during evenings. She therefore proposes for adifferent system of employment and marketing that would best suit themillennial generation.Jansen,K (2014). Millennials can make your business better. 10/27/2014, Vol.26 Issue 31, p0006.Thearticle presented by Jansen discusses how the recruitment ofindividuals from the millennial generation may help improve businessoperations. the author covers wide-ranging topics such as thedifference between the younger and older employees, internet usageand mobile devices among the millennial generation. Donaldson,C (2006). The millenials are here!Fall2006,Vol. 71 Issue 1, p21.Donaldsonpresents a slide presentation that discusses the millennialgeneration in thorough length. He compares the generation with to thepost-millennial that is generation X, the baby boomers and the silentgeneration. He states that the feature that stands out among themillennial generation is the use of the computer and the internet.