Argumentative Essay Should state colleges be free to attend?

ArgumentativeEssay:Should state colleges be free to attend?


ArgumentativeEssay:Should state colleges be free to attend?

Yes!Education should be made free to all the Americans. Education demandin the United States has continued to increase as more and morepeople are in search of formal education this in turn has led to thedevelopment and enactment of the state-owned institutions to help inthis course. State institutions are referred as institutions that arefunded by the state government, or else, an institution that isassociated with the government. Additionally, the demand foreducation has led to the establishment of privately owned and managedinstitutions, colleges and universities. The establishment of the twotypes of institutions has led to differences between the two. On theside of the state-owned institutions, one question that has resultedinto a heated debate is whether the state colleges should be free toattend. Both sets of sides (those for, and those against) have hadtheir argument as to why they support the idea or not. This paper isan argumentative essay on whether the state-owned colleges should befree to attend.

Bymaking the state colleges free, the private colleges would also LowerTheir Tuition Fee or the general cost of education would come down.There remain competitions between government and private ownedinstitutions. Free State colleges would a positive aspect towardslowering the cost of education, as the private colleges would beforced to lower its cost of education in order to remain competitive.This would also be an attractive move to the financially challengedfamilies as they would be able to afford a college education.Moreover, it would help in reducing the gap between the haves, andhave not (Wiener, 2015). In simple words, making of state collegefree is a move to Make Education Affordable to the Americans.

FreeState college education would mean more and more students would beable to attend school, and in turn reduce the high number for dropoutdue to the high cost of education. One of the reasons that have beenattributed to the high rate of students drop out of higher educationis the failure to afford an education due to the high cost of tuition(Kelly, 2015). In the United States there is a free K-12 publiceducation. This means that, there are a high number of graduates whoqualifies for college education however, due to the cost of collegeeducation, there are high numbers of students who fails to make it tocollege, hence increasing the number of Americans who are unemployed(Wiener, 2015).

Despitethe need for education and the support for Free State College, thiswould mean an increased financial support from the government inorder to finance the colleges. This would in turn result in increasedtaxation to the Americans in order for them states to cater for thecost of education. This would mean the cost of free college educationwould be passed to the Americans, in the form of increased taxation(Bruenig, 2015). A free college education would mean increasedexpenses of the state, hence the possible increase in the rate oftaxation.

Thedemand for education has continued to increase not only in Americabut the whole world. I do support the enactment of Free StateCollege. Not only would this make education affordable, but it wouldhelp in decreasing the rate of unemployment in the country due tolack of higher education. More so, Free State colleges would help inelevating the country’s economic development. With the current planbeing on the provision of aid for individual and need basis, theenactment of the Free State colleges would abolish this and in turngive money to all the students (Kelly, 2015). In conclusion, thedemand for education will continue to grow, thence, the needs to be awell-enacted plan for the college education to be made as accessible,quality and effective as possible.

SpecificStrategies Plan to My Argumentative Essay

  1. Planning, (this entailed research into how to make a good argumentative essay, as well as what is required of me in order to have a good writing, Purpose of the essay and audience analysis)

  2. Topic selection (this part was to enable me chose a topic that not only interesting to me, but also one that was a good for an argumentative essay)

  3. The reason why I have chosen to write on argumentative it’s because the essay would give me the chance to contribute my understanding and thinking to the topic (my opinion counts). More so I also wanted to have an idea what are the arguments for, and or against my chosen topic.

  4. An argumentative essay is defined by

          1. Topic choice

          2. Introduction which also states your position on the topic

          3. The body which takes into account the point for support, and ones for against the chosen topic

          4. Then there is my opinion, and conclusion

Theintended audience for the essay are students, government agencies,tutor


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