Assignment #2


Safetyof Genetically Modified Organisms


Thesafety of genetically modified, especially in food production hasbeen a very controversial issue. Experts are split on the benefits aswell as the risks associated with application of genetically modifiedorganism in food production. The following questions were asked to anexpert: What does research say about the safety of geneticallymodified organisms in food production? What are the concerns aboutapplication of genetically modified organism? How much is geneticallymodified organisms in our food? How are genetically modified foodsapproved? The expert gave an important insight on the understandingthe topic and demystifying the myths. I learned that there is a lotof misinformation about GMO and their application. There are severallessons I learned from the expert. Although the expert noted thatthere is no consensus on the safety of genetically modified food,majority of studies have not identified any risk associated with thegenetically modified foods available. However, due to the fact thatthe long term impacts have not been fully analyzed, some scientistsare skeptical about the safety of genetically modified foods. Theexpert noted that “there are different motivations that haveresulted into the concerns raised against genetically modified foods”(expert). Mainly, the concerns are based on the ability of scientiststo alter the food supply systems through genetic modification. Basedon past experiences on the food supply systems such as extensive useof harmful chemicals in food production, consumers are concerned thatgenetic modification may result into unsafe food products.Additionally, there are several ethical concerns related to geneticmodification especially in animals. Expert stated that the two maingenetically modified organisms in the food production systems arecorn and soya beans. However, he noted that they are in the initialstages of application and are mainly used in the production of animalfeeds. The expert stated that the process of approval of geneticallymodified organism for application depends on the intended use of theorganism. Some of the main agencies involved in the approval ofgenetically modified products include US Department of Agricultureand Food and Drug Administration.


Thefollowing questions were asked to the peer: What are geneticallymodified organisms? What are your concerns about genetically modifiedproducts? Do you think modified organisms application in foodproduction is safe? Would you advocate for genetically modifiedfoods? The most important information I obtained from the peerinterview is that there is a lot of misinformation about geneticallymodified foods resulting into biased opinions. The peer stated thathe has not taken any initiative to learn about genetically modifiedproducts. He stated that “if scientists say they are safe, I haveno reason to doubt them” (Peer). Although he did not know whatexactly genetically modified products are, his concern has been somepeople support them while other are opposed to them. For example,some government officials and scientists have expressed divergentviews on the safety of genetically modified foods. Whethergenetically modified products are safe or not should be left to thescientists and the government to inform the public. However, if hestated that he would not consume a product if he knew it is derivedfrom a genetically modified organized. He argued that if geneticallymodified food would reduce the cost of food supplies, he wouldadvocate for them. However, he noted that scientists need to be clearon the dangers of genetically modified food.