Assisted Living Facilities

AssistedLiving Facilities

AssistedLiving Facilities

Differentfacilities for assisted living offer different services, which meanthat potential clients are expected to compare their services andamenities before selecting one. The processing of selecting anassisted living facility should be founded on the fit between theservices offered and the needs of the client. This paper will compareservices and amenities of three facilities, including Sunrise ofWoodcliff Lake Assisted living, Brandy Wine Senior Living, and VanDyk Park Place Assisted Living.

Sunriseof Woodcliff Lake Assisted living

Servicesand amenities

Sunriseof Woodcliff Lake facility is located in Woodcliff Lake alongChestnut Ridge Road. Its assisted living service unit offersdifferent services, including dressing, bathing, mobility assistance,eating, socialization, and medication management (Sunrise SeniorLiving, 2015). Sunrise amenities are fitted with emergency phone callresponse system and a full bath facility and they are pet friendly.Sunrise also has programs for physical fitness, group trips, andopportunities for spiritual, learning, memory care, and socialdevelopment.


Sunrisehas flexible financial options that allow clients to apply forlong-term care insurance (such as Medicare) in order to reduce thecost of services that they receive. Sunrise also accept clients whoare eligible for veteran insurance programs.

BrandyWine Senior Living

Servicesand amenities

BrandyWine is a living facility that is located in Mahwah along WyckoffAvenue. This facility has qualified staff who offer differentservices, including health education, health management, healthassessment, and medication administration (Brandy Wine Senior Living,2015). In addition, Brandy Wine has numerous programs (such asKaraoke Knights and Artist’s Palette) that provide seniors with anopportunity to socialize through singing and playing. Brandy Winealso provides special meals for all clients and the dining facilitiesallow both private and group dining. The reflection program wasdesigned to help clients with mental challenges, such as Alzheimer’s,memory loss, and dementia. Brandy’s amenities and services aredesigned to suit the needs of clients. For example, clients who areused to a luxurious life can go for butler services, private dining,and cocktail services.


BrandyWine accepts Medicare and Medicaid financial plans. In addition,customers who qualify for veteran benefits are enrolled in thecenter.

VanDyk Park Place Assisted Living

Servicesand amenities

VanDyk Park Place is an assisted living facility for seniors, which islocated in Hawthorn along the Goffle Road. This facility providesclients with private living suites and its amenities are designed togive customers a dignified life and comfort (Van Dyk Health Care,2015). In addition, Van Dyk offers a custom diet plan for itsclients, recreational programs, and opportunities for spiritualdevelopment. Van Dyk provides private dining places, movie shows,fitness rooms, beauty and barber shops, community rooms, library, apet friendly environment, and a free television.


VanDyk accepts clients who pay for services from their pocket and thosewho are covered by the state sponsored insurance programs, such asMedicare and Medicaid. Other people who benefit from Van Dyk’sservices are those who are eligible for veteran coverage programs.

Comparingthe three facilities

Mostof the amenities and services that are offered in the threefacilities (including Sunrise, Brandy Wine, and Van Dyk) are similar.For example, all of them provide opportunities for spiritualdevelopment, entertainment, physical fitness, and assistance inactivities of daily living. Brandy Wine and Sunrise offers mentalcare for clients with mental illness and memory loss. Sunrise and VanDyk offer custom diet and a pet friendly environment for theirclients. Sunrise organizes group trips for its clients. The threefacilities accept clients who are able to pay for their services aswell as those who qualify insurance programs.


Mostof the amenities and services offered by the three facilitiesconsidered in this paper are similar. However, they differ slightlysince only Sunrise that organize group tours for its clients, andonly Sunrise and Van Dyk offer custom diet and a suitable environmentfor pets. In addition, Sunrise and Brandy Wine offer mental healthcare services. Therefore, Sunrise offers more services compared toother facilities.


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