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Francesca’sPizza business


Francesca’sPizza business is located in Westwood Ave, River Vale, NJ. It is theonly pizza hotel in river Vale. Their services start at 10 am in andend at 10 pm from Monday to Saturday and 1pm to 10pm on Sundays. Thebusiness has an advantage of monopoly in river Vale. There are anumber of businesses and colleges in River Vale, including Dominicancollege, Yack College and Fairleigh Dickison University. Moststudents of these institutions reside in river vale, and they accessthe services of Francesca’s pizza now and then. They offer pizza,heroes, pasta, appetizers/salads and beverages. They have differenttypes of pizzas and specialty pizzas such as grandma pie. They alsohave chicken Caesar that is awesome.

1.2Suitability of location

Francesca’s pizza is located right at the centre of River vale.This is a very catching location as they are able to trap customersfrom all sides of the town. There is a long list of car rentalbusinesses also located in River Vale, near Francesca’s pizzabusiness. These are like the GoodlifetransportationandBurdoCarting Inc.Customers who come to the hotel are not troubled about their means oftransport. If they have their cars, bicycles and motor cycles, theycan easily access mechanics and other car services. Customers canalso access car hire services and other services of vehicle rentingservices easily from these transportation companies. Goodlifetransportation,forinstance is a shuttle company that has specialization in the field ofcorporate, medical and residential transport. Quite a considerablefraction of the sales take place by special delivery to thecustomer’s premises and places of work. The business thereforeequally needs transport services. In addition to customers ofFrancesca’s pizza accessing and enjoying transport services of Goodlifetransportationandthe other transport businesses, the pizzeria business itself caneasily access easy transport services from these businesses.


Likeall other businesses, Francesca’s pizza has a number ofcompetitors, both distant competitors and indirect competitors.LuSheancatering,for instance, is a holiday catering business located in WestwoodAvenue in River vale. Francesca’s pizza has a hoard of advantagesover these businesses.

2.1Advantages over competitors

Firstis on the location. Most of these businesses are located in theperipheral areas of the town but Francesca’s pizza is centrallyplaced. Most businesspeople and workers from River Vale preferFrancesca’s pizza rather than going for other food companies in themargin of the town, especially when you are given a time limit foryour lunch period.

Thequality of service in Francesca is high as compared to other foodcompanies. In their website, customer reviews were checked and 90% ofthem are fully impressed. The customers, out of this, are very loyalto the pizzeria shop. In fact, most of them who have been to otherhotels around the place never leave Francesca’s pizzeria upon thefirst experience!

Thetypes of food offered are also the best. Most of the customers ratedthe pizzas as the best they ever tasted. In addition to offering thebest pizzas, the pizzeria business is a place where you can get thebest salads and beverages.

Thereis a gym and aerobics centre just a few meters from the company. Mostfrequent attendees of the gym site cannot help entering the pizzeriabusiness. In many cases after a gym/ aerobic session, you leaveextremely hungry and thirsty (Singer, 1882). Francesca’s pizzeriacomes in handy to quench your quest for food. One of the gymattendees was first interviewed and he confessed that were it not forthe pizzeria shop, he wouldn’t be coming to gym since he comes outcompletely exhausted and would get the energy even to drive home.

3.0Drawbacks in the business

Everycloud has a silver lining. Francesca’s business is not exceptional.Despite them offering the best pizza, they do not serve theircustomers in the best way. The delivery services are said to bealways delayed. The manager also is said to be hostile andunwelcoming to customers.

Inan interview with Francesca manager, he admitted that there have beencomplaints about his rudeness to the customers. He also told us aboutsome of the reasons that bring about delay in delivery such asinsufficient delivery motorcycles. The management committee of thecompany has laid strategies to come over these delivery challenges.The manager also told us that he would consider changing his habitand he would also avoid direct contact with the customers.

4.0 Conclusion

Francesca’sbusiness should give more than it does. Its advantages over othercompanies should make it the leading business in River Vale, and putit among the leading in New Jersey. The business should have branchesand outlets all over the town and around the country. Inside thepizzeria business, there should be more attracting businesses such ascinemas, pool tables, and other games. In fact, they should havetheir own gym. The staff of business should undergo regular trainingson customer relations. There should be more advertising and productpromotion offers to increase the loyalty of customers.