Bad News Letter


BadNews Letter

BadNews Letter


Helpingstudents achieve their best has been the goal of Utah ValleyUniversity since its inception. It is the wish of the administrationthat all students graduate in a timely manner and with good grades toachieve the highest credibility for their career choices. For thereasonmentioned above,we decided to provide for early graduation for our students who hadattained the required number of hours and units for graduation.

Thefaculty is sorry to announce that you will not be able to graduate asyou had applied in your letter requesting for the same. The newmatriculation adopted by the Universityrecently revised the minimum grades for MKTG2200 required forgraduation from C to a B- or better. You scored a C in the source,and this prevents you frommeeting the minimum qualification.

Thefaculty would like to request that you consider retaking the courseduring the next session it isofferedand apply for inclusion in the next graduation event. However, if youhave any queries concerningyourgrade you are encouraged to feel free to write a letter to theregistrarof academic affairs to contest the decision. You may also communicatewithyour lecturerto make any necessary corrections before the end 28thFebruary.

Weare grateful for your corporation during your study in theinstitution and we hope that you will continue with the same behaviorduring yourremainingtime as a student. Pleasefeel free to visit the office of the dean in case you need anyfurther clarifications on the matter at hand.


Headof Department