Baroque Music

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Theterm baroque triggers a memory of something classical of the old andthe use of flutes, violin cello and double bass music instruments.This essay identifies what makes Vivaldi-Gloria,by National Chamber of Armenia a baroque music.

SoI made it my mission to listen to the music and see whether it fallsunder baroque classification. I played the music and watched it, tooknote of the types of equipment used, tone variation, melodies,rhythm, and how, in general, the music was sung. I began my analysison instruments. First, I noticed that the choir had the violin,viola, cello, double bass and flutes. These devices are critical tothe identification of this music type they act as a landmark tobaroque music.

Thesecond observation was how these instruments were played, from thebeginning to the end of the presentation. The choir led by itsconductor would sometimes hit high volume level and suddenly drop asthe intensity of energy used varied. There were shifts from loud tosoft tones that were achieved by adding and subtracting instruments.For instance, the violin would be played while the double bassartists waited to join them at different stages with varied energies.The melody was long and repetitive with a combination of more thanone tone at a time.


Theobservations above are limited to the presentation I watched. TheNational Chamber Choir of Armenia utilizes the use of flute, violin,and double bass instruments that are instruments of baroque music.Secondly the rhythm and melodies and volume variation serve as abasis for the identification. Any person trying to identify this typeof music should take note of the above statement as they serve asidentity and foundation of baroque music.


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