Barriers to Effective Communication

Barriersto Effective Communication

Barriersto Effective Communication

Thenursing environment requires a quality process of passing informationfrom one end to the other. Information delivered is expected to meetthe right standards of communication. The rate of understandinginformation is a qualitative procedure in the delivery of results(Bruinessen,2013).Thepaper analyzes the barriers to effective communication within ahealthcare environment.


Duringan internship organized by my nursing school, I interacted with thepatients, senior healthcare officials, non-professional staff and themanagement at a local hospital. The responsibilities related toassistance to the senior nursing staff in the provision of qualityservices to the patients (Anna,2014).I was expected to deliver nursing help to patients seeking medicalattention within the institution and liaise with all the medicalstaff.


Idid not understand the right professional language because I wasstill in school. The language I used was not well understood by thedifferent people I talked to. The delivery of the right message was aproblem due to my limitation in using the right nursing language(Aslakson,2012).During my internship, the patients had been used to the existingmedical professionals who offer the right nursing help relating tothe different nursing requirements.

Strategiesfor better communication

Understandingthe linguistic skills creates a situation where the right healthliteracy is passed on to the varying seekers of health services. Thenecessary health skills create a better flow of the health dimensionsthat enhance the rate of professional adjustments in administeringthe material facts. Consequently, a careful factoring in of theprofessional aspects in the administration of healthcare servicesenhances proper healthcare administration (Granek,2013).All the necessary material facts are considered in advancing theprofessional healthcare communication to those in need of medication.


Barriersto effective healthcare communication lower the effectiveness ofproviding professional help. Professionalism eliminates all thebarriers in the communication to parents.


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