Behavior is not Determined Even Though it Can Be Predictable

Behavioris not Determined Even Though it Can Be Predictable

Itis true that, one can predict the behavior of another person quiteaccurately. However, that does not mean that it is determined. Withperfect knowledge of the behavior that could be predicted, the personpredicting must know every factor that contributed to the occurrenceof the behavior under consideration.The decisions that people makeare a product of chemical reactions and electrical impulses thatoccur between brain molecules. Thus, each decision is made based onthe series of chemical reactions that occur in the brain. Now thatthe reactions are not independent of natural laws of physics, theyare likely to be the same most of the times hence, being predictablein some cases. Furthermore, the environment and genetic factors alsoplay a part is shaping the configuration of the brain molecules thatreact to cause one to make a particular decision.

Althoughpeople’s decisions are a result of predetermined reactions andelectrical impulses in the brain, the decisions are one hundredpercent pre-determined. They have the capability to consciouslyoverride the predispositions in their brain. Furthermore, otherdisorders could as well alter the working of the brain in way thatmakes it quite difficult to predict the decision a person takes. Forexample, a person who is depressed may not make the same choices theymade before they started suffering from depression. When isdepressed they lose a sense of value hence, they end up makingvalueless choices because they feel nothing has value after all. Even though could be aware of the decisions the person can make andpredict them, they may not make the right prediction about them whenthey are depressed.