Body Piercing and Hotel Management

BodyPiercing and Hotel Management

BodyPiercing and Hotel Management

Inthe modern society, tattoos are common in workplaces. As the managerof a hotel, I would not discriminate against employees who havetattoos to work with the public. Two decades ago, hotel managersprevented employees with body visible body piercings in other placesother than the earlobe, as well as visible tattoos from working inplaces where they would be in contact with the public since bothcharacteristics were associated with gangs, prisoners and othersociety degenerates who were up to no good. Consequently, exaggeratedtattoos and body piercings were symbols of gangsters, impolite peopleand individuals who cannot be trusted to serve the public.

However,many people use body art as a form of expression while the piercingis a beauty enhancement method. Besides, the artists have come withattractive patterns that are very costly to get. In fact, tattoos areno longer a poor man’s art as it used to be in the past, but it isa full-blown business for the wealthy individuals.

However,for the employees with both visible piercings to work in the publicplaces, I would request them to remove the jewelry if I discover itdistracts the clients. For instance, the individual should come towork without wearing the earrings to avoid arousing skepticalthoughts among the clients. Piercing is common for people aged below35 years, but it can make elderly persons above 50 years scaredbecause they are since the expressions were associated withgang-related life in the past.

Onthe other hand, I would also allow individuals workers with visibletattoos to work in a place with the public in a hotel environmentprovided the tattoo is not vulgar, distracting or inappropriate forbusiness in any way such as being gang related.