Book Review for Good Country People by Flannery O`Connor

BookReview for Good Country People by FlanneryO’Connor

ProposalStatement In the story “Good Country People” O’Connorfocuses on the characters that live in the countryside of Georgia.O’Connor uses a unique background together with culture, symbolicaspects, different themes and character attributes that shape hercharacters. In her story, there are many moral lessons that presentday readers and authors can borrow to make their work perfect. Herstory is short but covers a lot in the field of art.

“GoodCountry People” is a short story drafted in the year 1955 byFlannery O’Connor. A lot of literary elements have been employedin this story, which range from culture, themes and a uniquebackground that contribute to the meaning of the story. This reviewis very important because it will help in exploring the symbolicrelationships of various aspects that have been used in the story andtheir support to the plot development.


Thecharacters in the “Good Country People” are well identified anddeveloped to ensure that the plot is complete. The characters aredefined by their emotions and pride. The audience sees Joy feeling soembarrassed when Manley takes up her wooden leg and finds condoms init. Her feeling of love disappears abruptly. Mrs. Freeman andHopewell are identified by their pride, what they can afford to do isgossip about their daughters. These attributes have made themcontribute to developing the plot of the story.

Stereotypesare imaginations or thoughts that can be adopted for a thing or aperson. These thoughts are not true about the characteristics of theperson. Stereotypes may be bad or good depending on what character inthe story is identified. Stereotypes are judged according to thegroup that they originate. Stereotypes have been within the societyfor many years and are used in the art to make it interesting. Theyexist in many cultures. For example, in a society where a certainculture consists of lazy people, anyone from that culture isstereotyped as lazy a belief that concludes to a wrong attribute of aperson.

Agood man is hard to find is a phrase O`Connor`s emphasizes in herbook. In the story, the author has used several aspects of irony andfine phrases that make up comic sense. Manley as a Bible salesman inturn forces Joy into saying that she loved him. Later, he goes awaywith her wooden leg after explaining to Joy that he collectsprostheses. His, character as a Bible seller is false. The conflicthas been used where Manley takes Hulga’s Leg and starts checking init. Joy is not happy she feels embarrassed, which leaves theaudience tensed of what will happen next. The author uses theconflict to involve the audience in the story.

Mrs.Hopewell despite lack of interest in purchase of bibles, sheentertains Hulga the bible salesman believing he is a good countryman. It is not clear if faith is used in the story, but when Manleygoes away with Hulga’s leg, she must have believed that he willcome back. Hulga’s mother is left wondering what will happen. Shelacks faith. The author is a Catholic believer that in turn affectsthe religious review of the story. Perception refers to the abilityto become aware of something through senses. Perception can be madebetter when one knows the truth about what was perceived. Knowingtruth perceptions can be made accurate. The reader is made intocritical thinking because of the complexities and thoughts heexpresses in the story.


Theauthor has chosen to use Mrs. Hopewell who sees her employers as“trash” or “good country people” and her pride takes herabove all of them. The way she identifies her characters contributesto an identity theme. The author tries to put out a theme of love.Her choice of Hulga and Manley led to the completion of the story.The presence of Manley being the Bible salesman contributed to thetheme of religion in the story. In the story, various morals aretaught that are of use to present day life. Hulga at the end of thestory realizes pride is not good.

Thethemes, characters and background that the author chose are of greatimportance to other authors. They can use her skills to develop theirpieces.


“GoodCountry People” is a well tailored tale in which the authorexpresses his ideas through styles of irony and humor that againbrings out the seriousness of the story even so it is still verycaptivating and entertaining.

Manleyrole as a Bible salesman who later coerces Joy into vowing her loveto him later goes away with her wooden leg after admitting that hecollects prostheses. This story is an educative and useful story forreaders. It is especially relevant owing to the moral lessonsemerging from the characters’ roles. Not only is “Good Countypeople” an entertaining episode but also a crucial utility forethics.


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