Book Review Sex at Dawn


BookReview: Sex at Dawn

BookReview: Sex at Dawn

Overthe years evolution has explained that man evolved from apes. Infact, it is backed by scientific prove that human beings aredescendants of the ape. The book ‘Sex at dawn’ talks of humanbeings being apes (Ryan, 2010). This book distorts and ignores theunderstanding of the modern science. It explores the type of ape themodern humans are in terms of their sexuality. The book further givesreasons why the modern man mates, strays and what it means in modernrelationships.

Thefirst lesson deduced from the book is the understanding of theimportance of the female reproductive system to men. It is clear thatsince the beginning, men have had to offer certain goods or servicesto women to gain sexual favors. The man had to offer meat, shelter,status and protection to a woman (Ryan, 2010). In return the womanwould reward the man with sex. This narrative from the book sets menand women in oppositional relationships. It clearly explains whythere exists such kind of opposition or competition between thesexes. It thus demonstrates that that kind of competition is builtright from the DNA.

Thebook further explains why the human beings are promiscuous. Itexplains the origin of that trait from the human ancestors, the apes.The apes shared everything as a group. This includes sex (Ryan,2010). This sharing behavior was evident amongst the group of apesthat lived together. The book reveals that there was some kind ofbonding amongst the sexual partners. In this regard, they did nothave sex with mare strangers (Ryan, 2010). When the offspring wasborn, it was the responsibility of everybody to raise it. The bookfurther backs this sentiment by exploring the reason why the ape’stesticles are external (Ryan, 2010). This enables the ape to be readyto mate anytime, anywhere.

Inconclusion, the book gives alarming reasons why human beings havesometimes extreme sexual behaviors. There exist sexual patterns inhuman beings that are common with the apes. This book has sought togive the origin of human sexual behaviors that will automaticallybring about tolerance and ease some tensions that exist between themoral codes and the sexual feelings.


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