Brahms Symphony No 1


BrahmsSymphony No 1

SymphonyNo 1 is a symphony that was written by Johannes Brahms. Johannesspent around fourteen years completing the work the sketches of thework date from 1854. The composer declared that finishing thesymphony from the sketches took around 21 years.

Theperformance of the symphony by Jaap van Zweden conducts and BenjaminBeilman on 10/8/2015 was one of the memorable performances. Themelody that the two musicians blended was one of its own. Theperformance lasted for approximately 50 minutes. The performance wasmarked by four movements. The first movement was Allegro, which usedC minor and ended in C major. The second movement was Andante, whichinvolved E major. Then, the third movement entailed Allegretto thatentailed A-flat major. Later, the fourth movement was Adagio, whichinterchanged C minor with C major.

Therhythm was first of all chaotic, but was later followed by shortmotto that led to the primary theme. The main theme was sung by theviolins. The mood of the performance was energetic and made almosteveryone busy. The introduction of E-flat major helped in developingthe second theme.

Duringthe performance, the tempo was very fast and went hand in hand withthe volume. The volume was moderate and made the performance lively.The emotion that was communicated by the music was jovial and madepeople to stay lively. The conductor in the performance was criticalbecause he helped in making the performance lively. What I enjoyedmost in the performance was the energy of the performance. However,what I enjoyed the least in the performance was the interaction ofthe different movements. The audience in the performance wasenthusiastic about the performance. I feel that I was dressedappropriately to fit in with the audience. The performance wasdifferent from a popular music concert because of the soloist.