Build a Snowman and Drunk Driving Can be Stopped

Builda Snowman and Drunk Driving Can be Stopped

Buildinga snowman and drunk driving are two completely different things. Inother words, these are two different topics and just like water andoil which is hydrophobic, the two subjects can never mix. However, inthis essay the author will discuss how to build a snowman and alsointo the subject of drunk driving.

Buildinga snowman is an easy task if at least one has access to snow, acarrot and a pair of balls. One would also need a pile of snow and apair of hands to make a snowman a reality. One would need to roll thesnow into three snowballs. The first snowball will form the base andshould be the largest part of the snowball. The rest of the partswill make up the abdomen and face with the carrot and the set ofballs making up the eyes.

Drunkdriving is one of the leading causes of death among American teens.Drunk driving can and should be stopped in the country if thefollowing measures are taken. First, the American government shouldconsider reducing the Alcohol drinking age to 18 years. This couldexpose more Americans to drinking at an early age and should reducetheir excitement on alcohol consumption. Secondly, the license ageshould be increased to 19 years and the license should be awardedafter one year probation period. Drivers who will have violated theseconditions will have to reapply after 2 years. Adult drunk driverslicenses will have their licenses withdrawn if found to be drivingwhile intoxicated. Heavy penalties should be imposed on drunk driverswith the possibility a 6-month prison sentence.