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Appleis an executively efficient company producing a wide variety of highcaliber electronic equipments, most notably smart phones, tablets andlaptops with the use of the latest available form of technology. Anew release by apple usually elicits anxiety and high expectationsamong its clients and customers. This results in high volume ofpurchases as the apple products still remain distinguished brands inthe market.

Withthe noble task of identifying the stakeholders to notify about thenew product release, it would be essential for me to identify them onthe focus of regions, age and influence around the world and how thiscan relate to the marketing of the product. The stakeholders I couldidentify are the youth representatives across the world. This isbecause these are the main users of apple’s most decent productsand hence can help market and make popular the new release. The othergroup of stakeholders is the most influential celebrities, in varioussports and music across the world as this could still help make theproduct further popular. Another crucial group could additionally bethe company’s product managers across its market base as well asvarious influential world leaders. These stakeholders can all becommonly identified and invited for the new release as they all couldhelp boost the popularity of this new product and help achieve greatsuccess in terms of expected sales. To help pass this invitationinformation to these people, it could be very necessary that we sendthem all private emails with stipulated feedback periods to help planadequately in advance.

Appleas a company has incredibly made bold steps to use green/renewablematerials in the manufacture of its products to help conserveresources. The company launched a campaign called ‘netzero energy’in the year 2013, (Perez, 2015). Making it one of its main primarycorporate social responsibilities, to help save energy for a betterplanet and cleaner environment.

Theseprograms and projects involve efficient energy use, generation ofenergy using renewable resources and purchasing renewable energy fromappropriate providers. In anticipation of future expansions of itsdata centers, the company has built three arrays of giant solarpanels to promote green energy and plan for sustainability. Thecompany is further preparing for post-use scenarios by planningrecycling programs.

Inaddition to these corporate social responsibilities of trying toconstruct renewable energy centers, Apple has improved the quality ofits products by producing products that are highly energy saving withno harmful components like mercury, (Perez, 2015). Hence, Apple as acompany is doing a lot positively towards actively maintaining itscorporate social responsibility obligations.

WhenI was in my industrial attachment in an established manufacturingcompany, I witnessed my supervisor make an unethical decision. Thisis because he requested a colleague of mine to forge signatures onsome form documents after which he passed over a small cash token ofappreciation to him despite him not legally deserving it. Thispractice sounded and seemed extremely unethical as it is a form ofcash embezzlement, in a manner targeted at bringing about negativeimpact on the company’s stability and growth. Such unethicalbehaviors like this one can all but be eliminated and controlled ifvery strict operational timelines were put in place to help counterany sort of ghost payments and fraud or leakage in the system. Use ofefficient relevant modern technology is equally requisite andnecessary for the control of such system leakages.


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