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Manager/Operator,Saigon Pete`s midtown food truck

10thOctober 2015


CEO,Saigon Pete`s



I(insertyour name here)manager and operator of Saigon Pete’s midtown food truck. I havebeen an employee of Saigon Pete’s for four years the first twoyears as a staff and then the other two as a manager and operator ofthe midtown truck. I am writing to you this letter hoping that youwill consider expanding the company by adding new food trucks tocomplement the other three owned by the company. I also wish that yougrant me a higher managerial position in the expanding business sothat I can serve the company better.

Asthe manager of Saigon Pete’s midtown food truck for two years, Ihave been a first-hand witness of its growth. To keep up this trend,I am constantly looking for opportunities in the food market toexpand. I believe that a precious opportunity has presented itself onwhich the company could capitalize on.

Thecurrent wave of immigration has led to an increase in the number ofVietnamese nationals who are our main customers. This in turn hasincreased the demand for Vietnamese Banh mi sandwiches giving us aready market. In addition, there is less competition for only onerestaurant is considered a “Banh Mi” shop. The rising popularityof food trucks among the social network generation can be used tomarket the new trucks and attract customers. Furthermore, themobility of the trucks helps in looking for the best places to takethe business to. Such flexibility reduces the risks involved becauseif one area doesn’t show a lot of sales, the truck can move to abetter one.

Thenew trucks will need a manager to coordinate their activities. Iwould love to offer my skills and qualifications to oversee theseactivities. I will utilize the four years’ experience I have gainedworking with you to ensure the smooth running of activities. Besides,my record of bringing the highest revenues among the three foodtrucks speaks on my behalf.


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