Business Management Capstone


BusinessManagement Capstone

BusinessManagement Capstone

Studiesby different researchers have shown a positive correlation betweeninformation technology and Quality management. Therefore, it would besignificantto involve information technology and social media strategies inlaying the foundationfor my plans for any project. In this paper,I will document strategic plans for my projects into the twenty-firstcentury and furtherwiththe involvement of IT and social media in quality management(Pérez-Aróstegui, Bustinza-Sánchez&amp Barrales-Molina, 2015).

Technologicaltools and software for implementation of strategic plan

Inthe first phase of my strategic plans for my company, I would need toidentify the different technological tools that may be useful in myimplementationofthe strategic plans for the company.Thesetools would include computer hardware, software that may makeautomation of the process plan easier. CCTV cameras in the processingplant, company employee portal, social media company fun pages andaccounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus would be valuable.Mobile money transfer accounts would also be neededto ease transaction with clients. Tablets and internet enabled mobilephoneswould also beneeded (Pérez-Aróstegui,Bustinza-Sánchez&amp Barrales-Molina, 2015).

Socialmedia would be a very vital tool in the quality management practices.Knowledge is power. Therefore, social media networks such asFacebook,Twitter,and Google Pluswould be relevant mechanismsfor collecting information regarding the quality of products andservices. Therewould bea needfor the creation of social media accounts forthe company. These accountswould include those of the prominent social media networks such asthosementioned. With the use of the computers, Smartphone’s and tabletsas proposed above, I and other managers responsible for qualitymanagement would access free information from consumersconcerningthe quality of products. Otherinformation that would be collected from the social media networkswould include trending news and topics and, therefore, establish theconsumer preferences that would help the company make changesaccording to customer needs (Pérez-Aróstegui,Bustinza-Sánchez, &amp Barrales-Molina, 2015).

Controlmethods for the business in the Strategic Management Plan

Toachieve control of the organization,there are severalmethods that I may implement with the help of InformationTechnology.One of the methods is the useof cashless transfer of money in the company transactions. I wouldset up the mobilemoney transfer for clients to use and accept other cashless paymentoptions such as Visacards and credit cards. This way, there may be no or minimum loss offunds through fraudulent activities that may tamper with the qualityof services. Segregation of duties would be important.Different employeeswould handlevariousrelated taskswitha central control portal that I may have accessto.Use of a central management system in conjunctionwith segregation of assignments would offer abettercontrol for activities and quality of services. The use of companymail would help in communication and monitoringof communication within the company.This would help avoid communications that either employees or clientswould spread wrongmotives (Pérez-Aróstegui,Bustinza-Sánchez,&amp Barrales-Molina, 2015).

Evaluationmethods for those control items

Auditingwould beperformedtothe IT devices used by the company employees periodically todetermine any deviations from normalcy.

Importanceof the control methods and the responsibility of the project manager

Therelevanceof the control methods is to achievehigh quality in service deliveryand transparency. For a company to succeed, it would be importantto achievehighlevels of quality of services to customers,and this can only beachievedif it is monitored effectively. The Project Managerhas the responsibility forensuring that the projectobjectives aremetwith no delay. As the project manager, one should use availableresources such anITto ensure that employees in the projectoffer quality services and goods in a transparent manner. The projectmanagerthrough other employees should also ensure that there isaccountability in the organization (Pérez-Aróstegui,Bustinza-Sánchez&ampBarrales-Molina, 2015).


Pérez-Aróstegui,M. N., Bustinza-Sánchez, F., &amp Barrales-Molina, V. (2015).Exploring the relationship between information technology competenceand quality management. BRQBusiness Research Quarterly,18(1),4-17.