Career Assessment Battery

CareerAssessment Battery

Thecareer assessment battery is a large multimedia presentation thatoffers a welcome change over tiring, old-fashioned print assessment.This program brings a live career assessment as you will see and hearlive action occupational situation as you will be required to makeinformed decisions. The career assessment battery program allows youto assess a diverse and large population in a nondiscrimination andmodern format. The career assessment battery correlates to the O*NET,and it has over 1000 occupations in its database. The jobs arereferenced by the educational levels that make a fair deal of collegepreparation and school to work population (Osborne,1997).

TheO*NET is a nation’s primary source of the occupational informationprogram that is mostly used by the job seekers. The database of thisprogram contains the information of most of the standardized andoccupation-specific descriptors. Its database is also available tothe public at no cost, and it’s regularly updated by interviewing abroad range of workers from various professions. The O*NET program isaimed at helping you to recognize your work-related interests, whatyou consider significant in the job, and your abilities to explorethose professions that relate most to you.

ComputerAssisted Career Guidance System

Inthe current years, most of the articles are devoted to the topic ofhow the young persons identify working styles and how their attitudetoward working is undergoing change. This is inclusive of theincreasing number of the graduates who don’t move to the steadyemployment and the growing number of employees who change or evenleave their jobs. One of the major ways to help the young people todevelop vocational understanding and self-understanding andprofessional knowledge is through the Computer Assisted CareerGuidance System (CAGG). This system allows you to go through thenecessary steps in the decision-making process using a computer. Thistechnique has been extensively applied in the United States andEurope, and it entails the well-known systems such as SIGI-PLUS,CHOICES, and DISCOVER. These integrated systems allow the user to getthe vocational guidance services via the computer and it resemblesthose that are provided by the counselors. These systems are equippedwith the essential features that are vital for making vocationalchoices such as the self-understanding test, career planning tool andoccupational information database. Through this system, it ispossible that you might make an informed decision about the careeryou want.


TheKuder is a self-report career interest test that is applied in careerguidance and also counseling. Typically, the Kuder yields a person’sscores along ten professional interests’ scales that includemechanical, outdoor, computational, clerical, social services,scientific, literacy, persuasive, musical, and artistic. After that,the test results will be presented as percentile scores. It will thencompare the participant’s scores with that of a similar person thatholds the same occupation. It can also report the match between theexaminee’s interests and the illustrative samples of studentsmajoring in particular academic fields. Therefore, this system isnecessary for the comparison of the deviation between the examineeand the person with the appropriate experience in that area(Marsella,et al. 1995).


Thisis a study that illustrates the psychometric evaluation of Supper’swork values inventory. It comprises of twelve scales that measure therelative. This study consists of twelve scales that measure therelative importance placed on the listed work-related value ofdimensions. They include creativity, achievement, coworkers,independence, income, mental challenge, lifestyle, supervision,variety, and work environment. These work values scales areinternally consistent and have showed a predictable pattern of gendersimilarities and differences. This system is more dependent on racialdifferences in the relative emphasis placed on work values wereequally explored in this study. The analysis in this system yieldedfour consistent theoretical underlying factors that include esteem,environment, safety, and excitement. Additionally, the factors andthe scales of the Super’s Work Values Inventory have been seen torelate to the wider cultural value system of collectivism andindividualism. Besides, the Work Value system demonstrates anadequate discriminant validity with some various aspects of socialdesirability.


Thisinventory is a self-assessment tool that the career developmentprofessionals such as the counselors apply to high school and collegestudents and also adults to help them discover their interests. Also,information in this inventory is crucial to helping them with theeducational and career decision-making. In this inventory, you willbe asked about your preferences in regard to your profession, leisureactivities, and subject areas among others. This procedure takesabout 35 to 40 minutes to end. This instrument is used simultaneouslywith other self-assessment instruments including the personality andvalue inventories and also skill assessment.

Afterthe test, the results will be obtained in the form of a report andthe person who administers the test should explain the results to youto ensure that you understand it. They should explain to you thateven though some of the occupations might seem suitable for youfounded from the answers you gave they might not be appropriate foryou. This implies that you should always explore any profession thatyou are considering.


Theskill confidence inventory, General Confidence theme scoresdifferentiated appropriately among 21 members of occupational groups.Typically, it represents the confidence in the ability to performtasks. Achieving a satisfying career requires both the fundamentalbelief in a person’s ability to succeed and the keen interest inthe task of the job, coworkers, and the environment. The skillconfidence inventory is a crucial tool for understanding howself-assurance may influence people’s educational, occupational,and leisure choices.

Thereare six occupational themes, and the report illustrates graphicallyhow people’s interests compare to their levels of confidence inperforming particular activities (Betz, et al. 2005).

ArmedServices Vocational Aptitude Battery

TheASVAB test is a crucial test that is vital to all the individuals whoare interested in any military career. It is usually used for allbranches of the military that include the army, navy, marines, airforce, and coast guard. Typically, it is used to measure yourabilities in particular areas that are relevant to one’s dutieswithin the military. Typically, it is a multi-aptitude test that isgiven nationwide, and it is maintained and developed by thedepartment of defense.

Onceyou participate in this test, your score will be ranked in fourcritical areas that include: word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning,math knowledge, and paragraph compensation. The scores in most ofthese areas will determine how you qualify to certain militaryoccupations (Jensen,1995).

Myers-Briggstype indicator

TheMyer-Briggs Type Indicator is crucial to helping people gain insightsinto their personality and how they interact with others. It alsohelps them to improve how they learn, work and communicate.Typically, it entails a test that upon completion, one will discoverthe occupations and careers that is most suitable to theirpersonality. This will come along with the examples of theinstitutions where you can find the relevant training. Also, it helpsyou to understand the communication style of your type and also toknow which known personalities share your type. This assessment iswidely used because it’s thought provoking, easy to grasp, and alsoprovoking. It is also vital for a broad range of applications such asconflict management, stress management, and career transition andplanning.

ORAStudent Personality Profiler.

Thisis one of the most dominant approaches to understanding one’spersonality. Its aim is to improve and maximize people’s potential.Here, you will undergo an assessment that will be helpful for you tounderstand your character and in turn your career choices

MotivationalAppraisal of personal potential

Itis also referred to as the MAPP, and it is the world class personalassessment that helps you to know your natural motivations. Thisassessment is also crucial to help you to understand and even findhappiness in what you do on daily basis. Typically, it is a vitaltool for people to know their personalities and even understand theircareer lines. It is also crucial that every student should understandtheir goals in life so that they can integrate their daily life withtheir personal potential and also their career choices (Lam,et al. 2010).


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