Career Outline Nutrition Science

CareerOutline: Nutrition Science

CareerOutline: Nutrition Science

Nutritionscience refers to the study of foods and the effect of component offoods on health, metabolism, and disease resistance in animals aswell as human beings. Nutrition science may be expanded to includethe study of human behavior towards food and food choices (BrighamYoung University, 2015). The main focus of a nutrition scientist isto investigate physiological and metabolic responses of human oranimal body to the diet with the objective of providing a viableadvice on suitable diets for clients. In this paper, I will providean outline of my career as a nutritional scientist.


Nutritionscience is expected to be on the front line in providing the bestsolution to health challenges (such as obesity) that are affectingthe modern society. At an advanced level, a nutritional scientistshould be able to analyze metabolic pathways and metabolism of eachfood component in order to identify types of food and diets that areharmful to human beings. A nutritional scientist achieves this byhaving an insight into specific biochemical steps that foodcomponents take when changing from one form to another (Brigham YoungUniversity, 2015). A food scientist may work in different areas,including the food processing companies and a professionalnutritional counselor in private or public facilities.

Educationalrequirements and certification

Educationis among the fundamental factors that determine one’s success inany given career. In the case of a nutritional scientist, one canstart at different educational levels, but there is no limit on thehighest level that one can reach since learning is necessary evenafter attaining the PHD. However, the learn academic qualificationthat one can start with is a certificate, followed by a diploma,bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and a philosophical doctoratein food science. Apart from attaining educational requirements,nutrition scientists are expected to go for professionalcertification, which is offered depending on the line of specialtythat one intends to focus on. For example, a graduate who intends tospecialize in sports can go for I.S.S.S.A Fitness and NutritionCertification while those who intend to offer consulting services onbody weight issues can go for A.C.E. Health and CoachingCertification (Valeria, 2015). In addition, one should be accreditedby professional bodies (such as the Accreditation Council forEducation in Nutrition and Dietetics) before practicing as anutrition specialist.


Anutritional scientist is expected to have many positive personalitytraits, but four of them are fundamental for anyone who wishes tosucceed in this type of career. First, a nutritional scientist shouldhave good leadership and people skills since the nature of their workor profession requires them to work directly with clients most of thetimes. For example, a nutritional counselor would need people skillsto be able to able to handle a diverse clientele and leadershipskills to manage a team of staff that one works with when deliveringservices to clients. Secondly, nutritional scientist should be a goodcommunicator, who is able to deliver the right message to clients andother member of staff and convey that message in a manner that anaction can be taken out of it (Alyson, 2014). Third, a nutritionalscientist should be cooperative in order to be able to work in teams.Lastly, a nutritional scientist should have some financial managementskills, especially when they wish to start up a private firm.

of career goals

AlthoughI intend to be a self-employed nutritional scientist at one point intime, my short-term career goal is to work with an establishednutritional counseling firm that specializes in sports. By workingwith such a firm for a period of at least four years, I will be ableto gain skills and experience that I need to assume more challengesopportunities in my counseling firm. After serving for four years asa nutritional scientist, I would like to work as a manager in anutrition counseling firm for at least one year in order to gainmanagement skills. After gaining adequate managerial skills, I wouldlike to start up my own firm.

KaplanUniversity Career Center

TheKaplan University Career Center may help me obtain my career goals intwo ways. First, the center has a job search engine, which will helpme identify the available job openings as soon as I graduate.Secondly, the center has a virtual career events service, which willallow me to listen to and communicate with professionals in the fieldof nutritional science. This will help me get the experience andskills that I need to succeed in my career.

WhereI see myself in the next five years

Althoughthe future is uncertain to each one of us, I am able to see myself asa successful nutrition consultant in the next five years. By the endof the next five years, I will be able to start up and operate my ownfirms and serve as an outstanding consultant, who will offerdistinguished services to professional bodybuilding athletes.


Nutritionscience is a lucrative career that anyone with a passion in applyingknowledge of the relationship between nutrition and the functionalityof human bodies should pursue. Apart from being a financiallyrewarding career, it concepts learned and practiced in the field ofnutrition science are interesting enough to enhance the jobsatisfaction. Moreover, nutritional science provides an opportunityfor self employment for graduates who would like to have adequatefreedom in practicing their knowledge.


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