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Foodand beverage manager is a job that is offered by hotels andrestaurants that offers both food and drinks. I am interested instudying and pursuing a career in food and beverage management giventhat the number of hotels and restaurants with the two lines are morelikely to increase (by 7.1 % annually) than decrease in the future,which guarantees a satisfying job (Terrelonge, 2015).

Peoplein food and beverage management career

Theexact number of foods and beverage managers in the world is notknown, but one can estimate that the rate of new job openings isconsistent with the rate (7.1 %) with an increase in the number ofhotels and restaurants (Terrelonge, 2015). Most of the employmentopportunities for food and beverage managers are found in largecities, urban areas, and near tourist attraction sites.

Dutiesof food and beverage manager

Generalduties include the management of inflow and outflow of foods andbeverage in the hotel or restaurant. Some of the specific duties ofthe food and beverage manager include the creation and maintenance ofmenus that can satisfy clients, management of the cost of foods aswell as drinks, controlling inventory, and uplifting the standards ofthe menu, management of staff who are responsible for foods, anddrinks services (Terrelonge, 2015). In most cases, food and beveragemanagers, especially those who work in facilities that cannot affordto employ more managers are forced by circumstances to work for longhours, sometimes from early mornings to late evening. These managersmay not have specific shifts because their presence in their employerfacility may be determined by the flow of guest. In addition,managers who work in hotels that target tourists are forced to workfor long hours during the peak season and lesser hours during the lowseason. In nature, foods and beverage manager job can be described ahard career with unpredictable work schedules.

Apartfrom the basic salary the manager may be given different benefits(such as motivational bonus, health insurance, profit share, anddental coverage) depending on the decision of the employer oremployment laws in different jurisdictions (Pay Scale Incorporation,2015).

Foodsand beverage managers face a special type of risk, which is thedelivery of unhealthy and poisonous foods or drinks since they areheld accountable for the quality of these (Workable, 2015).


Thejob of a foods and beverage manager can be done by individuals ofboth genders as long as they have acquired the certificate of healthas required by different jurisdictions. Although different employersclaim to observe the policy of equal employment, many hotels andrestaurants recruit people who are physically fit because of thefrequent movements involved. In terms of personality, the managershould be collaborative and understanding (Workable, 2015). The levelof experience varies depending on the preference of the employer, butall managers should have demonstrated ability to take the job.Similarly, the level of education and training varies, but manyemployers prefer individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree infood and beverage management, which may take 3-4 years to acquire(Workable, 2015).

Manymanagers join the career as interns or inexperienced assistant foodsand beverage managers. Joining as an intern is more preferablebecause it gives one an opportunity to learn and interact with freelywith experienced managers before graduating from college.


Iwould like to start by acquiring a bachelor’s degree in food andbeverage management. However, I will apply for internships inestablished hotels, especially during the holidays in order to gainexperience while still in college. I will undertake all coursesrelated to foods and beverage, coupled with the communication skillswill be necessary. In addition, I will attend major hotel andrestaurant exhibitions (such as the International Restaurant andHotels Exhibition that is held annually in Ukraine) in order tofamiliarize with the industry (Workable, 2015).


Otherrelated fields may include foods and beverage director, food service,and catering manager.

Findinga job

Thereare many websites from which one can search for a foods and beveragemanager job, including,,,and among others. Some of the people I would request forrecommendations include in a job application include the university’sHead of Department, Dean School of Hospitality, and a manager in oneof the hotels I will do my internship.


Astarting salary for a food and drinks manager is about $ 42,000 whilean average salary is about $ 62,000 (International BusinessCorporation, 2015). Exceptional salaries were awarded to managers whoassume additional roles and those with a high level of experience.Some of the expenses that I might incur in following this careerinclude the career include training expenses and the job applicationexpenses.


Thereare many chances for advancing in this field, which include readingjournals as well as other relevant publications, pursuing a master’sdegree, and engaging in a peer review program. Additional trainingand assuming more duties may also be required. Continuing educationmay not be necessary to hold this position, but it may help in salaryincrement and increasing competence in delivery services.

Inconclusion, a career in foods and beverage management is challenging,but it can be satisfying to a dedicated person. One can succeed inthis career by excelling in education and experience.


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