Case Study Comparison Presentation

CaseStudy Comparison Presentation



Objective:To come up with a plan for collecting information that will be usedin completing the case study.

  1. Services offered by the selected living facility should match the needs of the older adult.

  2. A living facility should be selected after collecting relevant information about all available alternatives and comparing them.

  1. A preview of key points

  1. Step 1

  1. The first step in the information gathering plan involves the identification of the topic of the assignment (Ramly, 2010).

  2. The topic considered in this assignment is the living environment for older adults.

  1. Step 2

  1. Potential information sources and resources will be determined.

  2. The research has to suggest the sources that are likely to provide relevant and reliable information about the topic of research.

  3. Reliable information about living environments can be easily located from the internet and offline resources, such as textbooks.

  1. Step 3

  1. Research strategies will be applied in the process of locating and selecting relevant information from different sources (Kar, Altun &amp Cev, 2012).

  2. Information from the internet will be obtained by using keywords, such as “living environments for older adults”, “senior communities” and “assisted living facilities” among others.

  1. Step 4

  1. Information gathered will be evaluated to selecting one that is most useful and relevant in selecting a living environment for the older adult.

  2. Evaluation will also involve the identification of services offered in different facilities and type of reimbursement that one can get from different facilities.

  1. Step 5

  1. The choice of the best living environment will be made depending on the specific needs of the older adult.

  1. Conclusion

  1. The process of gathering information about living environments should be guided by the specific needs of the older adult.

  2. The process leads to the identification of living environments, types of services, and available reimbursements.


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