Celine Dion “My Heart will go on”

CelineDion “My Heart will go on”



Asthe song begins I hear homophonicasingle melody with accompaniment. The song starts with a mellowmelody, she keeps the pitch of her voice the same throughout at thebeginning. The instruments that compose the song start very slow andthen it explodes, and her voice does that too. When the song begins,you hear soft instruments and then you hear Celine’s voice matchingthe nobility of the song. (Making it a big hit in the musicindustry.)

  • Homophonic 00:00 up to 1:41 minutes time.

Polyphonicis multiple independent melodies of equal importance. This texture isheard when the drums speed up the melody and Celine’s voice getsrough and raw. It changes the song making it more exciting, you canhear the passion or restlessness that the singer is making theaudience feel, the wanting of a person/object.

  • Polyphonic – 1:40 up to 2:18 minutes time.

Thesetwo different textures have different effects in the song, when youfirst hear the first few seconds of the song it is mellow and softand to some extent even depressing, but then the tempo starts to riseand you hear the passion and electricity. The power of Celine’svoice leaves one in awe, it demonstrates how the change of voice andtexture causes a harmonic rush and at the same time maintainsindividuality supporting the notes and the crucial melody thatchanges through the whole song.

Themusic combines both vocal and instrumentals to create the aestheticsin form, feelings, expressions, melody and harmony. It evokesdifferent emotions on individuals. Musical textures can either bethick or thin. It can be made up of rhythm or a melodic line.

Inthis assignment, I was able to pay attention to the meaning oftextures and what they do in the music. I choose polyphonic andhomophonic because I thought they related the most to “My HeartWill Go On” By Celine Dion.