Ceremonial Speech of Audie Murphy

CeremonialSpeech of Audie Murphy

TodayI am going to talk about one of the heroes of the Second World War,Audie Murphy. He was actively engaged in the WWII where he emerged asthe most celebrated soldier for his several awards. He earned 33awards, killed 240 Germans and sustained injuries three times despitethe fact that he was only 21 years old when the war came to an end.After this, he became an actor where he appeared in several films.Throughout his life, Audie Murphy suffered post traumatic disorder.

AudieMurphy was born in 1925 by a poor father who neglected his fatherlyduties. Born in a poor family, Murphy helped his mother to feed theyounger ones by doing odd jobs. His father had several children whomhe abandoned afterwards. His mother also passed along the way, whichleft Murphy and his siblings an orphan. However, this did not stophim from shining all his way into the WWII, where he played asignificant role as a soldier. He enrolled into the army shortlyafter turning 18 years where he would play a great role in the war.he was taken to north Africa for training in hope that he wouldbecome a good soldier.

Murphystar started to shine when he enrolled in a short while aftertraining. his superiors where impressed by the work he showed on theground, which led to his promotion to corporal. All this time theywere placed in Sicily. Later on they went to southern France foroperation. In this place, one of his friends was tricked by a Germansoldier and killed. Out of rage, he killed the German soldier andordered the other soldiers to fight furiously against the Germans.They used grenades and machine guns whereby they killed all theGerman soldiers in their nearby positions. This act was highlyrecognized and he received an award for the same. This was thebeginning of his many awards that were to come during his career as amilitary soldier. By the end of the war, he had received about 33awards, making him one of the most celebrated soldiers during WWII(Champagne, 2013).

WhenMurphy returned back to his home country, he was well received. Themost famous magazine, LIFE magazine decided to honor him by puttinghim as the cover photo. This landed him another job as an actor.However, this did not earn him much recognition as expected. Murphystruggled with nightmares and insomnia, a condition that was laterdiscovered to be post traumatic disorder. He engaged into sleepingpills and later on became addicted to them. His life became a messdue to bad investments and gambling. By the time he died in May 28,1971, he was in a financial problem.

Someof the virtues we can learn from Murphy, especially in his earlyyears, is determination and hard work. Murphy was determined todefeat the Germans and he used all the tools he had to fight them andemerge victorious. It is also worth noting that hard work isnecessary to excel in life and that where we are brought up shouldnot determine our destiny. Murphy emerged from a poor background toone of the most celebrated soldiers of WWII. His contributions to thevictory of WWII cannot be underestimated.


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