Check Point New System Proposal



CheckPoint New System Proposal

CheckPoint New System Proposal

Thereare several benefits enjoyed by Riordan Manufacturing by being avirtual organization. This includes increased competitive advantage,reduced cost of operations, flexibility and more independent workingenvironment. However, there are eminent challenges that face virtualorganizations. These challenges are very different from what isexperienced in the convectional working environment. As a result,despite these advantages, virtual organizations are faced with largerrisks mainly due to the fact that the organization success isdependent on both human resources management as well as technologymanagement (Thurow, 2013).

Thereare several features of the new CheckPoint systems on the operationsof Riordan Manufacturing. The system will increase virtual visibilityof merchandise and prevent losses. It will also result intosignificantly better customer and shoppers’ experience. Usually,the security of the company’s assets and merchandise is animportant concern for many virtual organizations. The new system willeliminate prevent possible attack of the network which may resultinto losses. When advanced security functionalities are turned on ina system, it tends to be slower. However, the new system will resultinto faster performance despite the improved security features.Another important feature of the new system would be improvedaccuracy and reliability. Reliability refers to the ability of thesystem to maintain optimum performance and connectivity. The systemwill eliminate outages and downtime common in other systems. Accuracyrefers to the ability of the system to identify and minimize falsepositives (CheckPoint, 2010). Some of the concerns that have risen inrelation to the security of the system include the updatability ofthe system. Although the system has the ability to receive the latestsignatures, there are fundamental concerns. This is because malwarestarget systems based on the update signatures (Vacca, 2013).


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