Checkpoint new system proposal



Proposed improvement systems are cloud computing and Data link subsystem control group


  • Large data storage space

  • Updated records

  • Data accuracy

  • Data validity

  • Generating periodic and current company reports

  • Inclusion of customer details including the foreign clients

Improve the storage system of sales, marketing, finance and management departments

Establish strong security systems


Proper access to information is crucial for any company ororganization. Like many companies, Riordan manufacturing company is avirtual organization that utilizes ICT to run almost all itsfunctions. The multibillion companies is a major manufacturer ofplastics producing and selling them globally. According to Balhaqi(2009), the company is projected to earn $46 million per annum.However, despite the success of the company, several challenges havebeen experienced in the process of putting accurate data together andrunning necessary reports for its leadership.

Riordan’s finances and management records are at a crisisrequiring immediate intervention. The loopholes in the renownedcompany create a dire need for developing a new streamlined systemthat will track the company’s records not leaving out the past andcurrent sales and marketing information and logistics. ReportsRiordan inc. 2012 reveals that past marketing information is storedin a file cabinet that cannot be accessed by personnel. As a result,employees have to estimate or assume information on the past recordsand details to estimate figures if the need arises. This poses as amajor risk to the company’s sales and marketing reports and greatlycompromises chances of getting accurate data about the past andexpected future results of the company.

To deal with the challenge of inaccurate data storage, I propose anew cloud based system that would allow the compilation of past salesand marketing records to an accessible website. In that website allinformation regarding the current sales and customer contacts andneeds will be stored. The record will allow easier management andgenerate periodic reports on the company as well as relevantinformation about the current developments of the company. That waythe customers will be constantly informed on the progress of thecompany or new services and offers substantially increasing profits.Riordan is currently using AS400’S which are not recommended forsuch a large company. The current ICT systems are outdated and likelyto collapse on the multibillion company thus calling for updatedsystems. Since the company is growing and expanding, it needs asystem that can contain information from all parts of the world.

A combination of cloud computing and the Data link subsystem controlgroup (DLSCG) system for example are a solution to the management andfinance challenges that are the heart of the company. Cloud computingwhich entails leveraging sophisticated technology and innovations canprovide highly scalable and resilient solutions to organizationsassert Erl and Puttini (2013). A combination of the two systemstracks the demand of the product, manufactured products, shipping andlabor costs as well as the profit and loss margins. Its componentsare amazing and current, up to date with ICT meeting the needs ofcustomers perfectly.

The financial and accounting information will be the key to allowingRiordan know where, to whom and when the money is going out. With thecompany’s several operating entities globally, this is justperfect. Since Riordan also aspires to work with the Chinese people,the corporate level operating entity of the system will facilitatesuch operations. The components include shipping, bar code reading,financial report, EDI, EDSS(executive decision support) accountspayable and receivable, entry order, purchasing, invoicing, payroll,general ledger amongst other current.

The sales and marketing department is likely to benefit from thecloud computing and DLSCG system in several ways. Besides improvedcompilation, ease to access of past records and updated customerdetails the storage of production needs to be improved. With cloudcomputing and DLSCG details on the number of units per item will bestored. According to Hurwitz, Bloor and Kaufman (2010) cloudcomputing technology is a way for business to take advantage ofstorage through virtual services online. The modern system will savemoney and will be useful in detailing profit and loss details.

The marketing and sales department needs to work with the financeand management company for the success of the company. DLSCGmarketing systems facilitate information tracking, and informationstorage for future purposes. The past records include delivery,shipping and payment dates or details which are imperative in therunning of the company. The track of information is also vital tocustomers as it informs them on the prices, mode of payment, cost ofitems, sales, offers and discounts. Through the operation department,customers can be able to know about new development s in the companyand improve their operations.

In terms of security, the new system will ensure that the companyfiles and information remain discrete and is not exposed to hackersor outsiders. A firewall that will create a barrier to blockunauthorized access from external barriers is a good solution tosecurity issues in the company. Through inputting passwords and codesto facilitate access to relevant parties, the company will avoidrisking its information on sales, profits, plans and interests to thewhole world. To ensure that the established systems are maintainedand do not malfunction, it is important that Riordan puts an goodantivirus to protect their software and systems from malware andviruses. Viruses can slow down operations and lead systems tocollapse. Good antivirus products include Norton antivirus, Mc Affee,Symantec protection suite amongst other good antivirus software’s.

In conclusion, important checkpoints need to be reviewed forcompanies to improve their information systems. With better systems,Riordan for example will experience benefits like improved sales andmarketing records. The management and finance departments will alsoenjoy efficient services that improve the company’s performance andprotect it from external attacks.


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