Child Development Post 1



Startingschool age is an area of contradiction based on several researchworks by different professionals in education. Mariette does notagree with this specific article by the researchers who suppose thatchildren who begin school at an advanced age are at more advantage inflowing with the syllabus and course work compared to children withlesser age. Some other work of research emphasizes the point thatfuture academic success of students is highly influenced by thechild`s readiness for school rather than the age at which studentsjoin the school (Kozulin, 2013). However, my argument with regard tothis research is that age is not really a factor that determines achild`s success in school, but the social environment and an enrichedhome where a child grows and the exposure during the growing periodhas a major role in determining future academic success. Forinstance, social developmental theory by Vygotsky proposes theinfluence of social interactions with peers on cognitive development.This theory informs my view that early education offers a platformwhere children can interact with the peers and learn about socialbehaviors accepted in society.


Christinabelieves delaying formal education, in the long run, alters naturalpathways and various passages in growing stages of the children.Research on measuring intelligence using the ratio measure known asintelligence quotient showed the importance of early intervention.According to Shaffer (2009), children who did not receiveintervention by the age of seven years were at more risk of havinglow cognitive development. The article regards play time as animportant factor in child development this is actually contrary tothe sociocultural theory by Vygotsky, which states that childrencognitive development are influenced by beliefs, values, and generalpeer interactions.


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