Civilian drone/ cameras

Technology andcreativity is one of the best recommendable issues in the countries.In this era where countries are industrialized, they embracetechnology since it plays a crucial role by being innovative andcreative enough. Drones in the past were used by the military togather information concerning security threats or fighting countriesthat were a threat to others. The paper addresses the use of civiliandrones / cameras and their implication to the society.

Drones play a keyrole in the society, for instance, they are used in the rescuemissions, scientists use drones to conduct research and they are evenused when mapping. Proper regulation for drones must be deployedsince it is a risk to use them without restriction. For instance, thedrones that are programmed with recognition software’s, others withinfrared technology and speakers that enhance recording ofinformation poses a threat to the privacy of individuals (Collard32). In the place of worship, the drones may be used to monitorcertain religion and this implies they are infringing the right ofthe others.

Can the drones beused to carry market research? The civilians use the drones toconduct market research in certain states in the United States or theentire Europe. Additionally, they are used even to control thetraffic monitor crops for the farmers with a large truck of land andnews reporting (Cohn 61). The use of drones is a risk for thesecurity of the individuals and privacy since the technology used isengaging infrared technology and monitoring of individuals. Thoughthere is an act that was passed in 2012 to monitor the use of dronesfor the civilian, private organization and law enforcement entitiesthe use of drones is to the civilian is risky (Rupprecht 46). TheFederation Aviation Administration (FAA) is a legal entity that isconcerned with licensing of drones where they give the rulesconcerning the usage of drones whether a civilian, private and legalagency.

The civilians whenapplying for the usage of the drone may be having other intentionsrather than what he or she has stated to the FAA. It implies that thecivilian may use the drone to harm others based on that it can beprogrammed in another way that will risk the life of individuals oreven reveal information concerning the country security (Pierluigi20). For instance, currently terrorism is a global challenge to manycountries and allowing civilians to use the drones might risk thecountry to insecurity. The civilian drone if they are not monitoredimplies that they are going to collaborate with terrorist to attackthe country and thus it is important to be aware of those securitychallenges.

It is important forthe relevant body like FAA to use certain measures that will monitorthe civilian drones (John 30). Currently, drones are used as cybercrimes since the Snoopy drones can be used by the criminals to readmessages in the mobile phones which cause a threat to the people.Some drones are capable of cracking passwords that are used in themobile phones and Wi-Fi making others suffer and thus it is importantto monitor such kind of drones. To conclude the existing laws shouldbe used to make sure that they are going to monitor civilian dronesand all drones are registered under the certain law. The agency thatdeals with drones should be linked with those drones so that anycommunication and activity is monitored closely.

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