Classic Music Research Paper


ClassicMusic Research Paper

ClassicMusic Research Paper

Myfavorite baroque composer is Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Ilike all his composition in particular Goldberg Variations, BWV 988:I. Aria (6x slower). This piece is slow and touching, in addition tothis, Goldberg-Variation is neat, simple and beautiful. I once heardthe piece played in one of the episodes of the popular series“Hannibal.”

Thecomposer of Goldenberg-Variation Bach is considered as the musicfather because of the numerous compositions he did during hislifetime. His music composition was wide range some of his pieceswere first and exciting while other such as Goldberg-Variation wereslow and sad. In my opinion, his music composition is the perfectmodel example of baroque music. Goldberg often played it to CountKeyserlingk, a Russian envoy. Why I believe Goldberg-Variation belongto baroque style is because the piece was composed during the Baroqueera. Baroque was an art style where motion and clear were exaggeratedand interpreted easily so as to produce tension, exuberance grandeurand drama from music. Baroque artist used this style to communicatereligious themes and bring out emotions.

Goldberg-Variationmanages to display J S Bach’s exceptional music knowledge and thecomposer exquisite performing methods. The piece comes from a simpleidea to a lavish display of fashionable modern, meaningful elementsof high Baroque, with classic idealism hints together with formalbeauty and magnificent structures. The piece plays for eight minuteswith all the repeats observed it opens by taking the listener on amarvelous musical journey full of energy, enthusiasm, divinity andwith. The end is characterized by so many transformations thuscreating a sense that the end of something is worthwhile. Havinglistened to this piece previously in one of my home collection, I wasable to trace this recording in Youtube.