Classmate 1


Patientsatisfaction is a very good topic on nursing research. The topic willenable to explorer what is exactly required in order to satisfy thepatient, which is very crucial in quick recovery as well ascustomers’ loyalty. In addition, through the research, it will beeasier to understand the red tapes to customers’ satisfaction aswell as the best method of eliminating them. Likewise, you mentioneda lot of secondary research that has been conducted in regards tothis topic, thus it will greatly assist in developing a literaturereview. Thank you for indentifying this problem!


Indeed,phone calls interaction while offering a service to a patient is aserious problem that has been ignored for many years. As a result,identifying it as a problem can greatly help to provide acomprehensive report regarding the patient. The methodology yousuggest can flawlessly assist in collecting the primary data fromparticipants, which will be used for data analysis. Thank you for anexcellent topic!


Theproblem you have identified through secondary as well as primaryresearch is a very interesting topic, “how inadequate sleep canlead to more medication errors in health care.” You have clearlystated where your secondary sources come from, which is a muchrecommended approach when it comes to research credibilityevaluation. I can see your source is from a credible source, whichwill ultimately give your topic a strong credibility. Kudos forcoming up with this topic!


Theissue of nurses’ workload or nurses working on floor has indeed ahuge impact on patient output. Many nurses are overwhelmed with thework, since you cannot determine the number of patients that will bein a hospital at a given time. As a result, if nurses are notmotivated, their morale will be definitely will be low, which willhave a negative impact to the patient. You have also indentified somesecondary research, which are from credible sources and can hugelyassist in supplying the required information. This is a nice work anda good problem identified.