Columbus, FBI, Sexual Offenders and Predators

Columbus,FBI, Sexual Offenders and Predators


Columbus,FBI, Sexual Offenders and Predators


ChristopherColumbus was an Italian explorer, navigator and colonizer. He isremembered by most people as a brave explorer who beat terrible oddsto complete four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean (America, 2015).His legacy of discovering the new world and proving that the earthwas round lives to date with the second Monday of October being setaside to celebrate his life. His loyalty to his patrons and the Kingis also admirable. However, despite these admirable qualities,Columbus was a monster as proved by many of his actions during thesails.

Likemany other explorers, Columbus came across many indigenous peoplethroughout his quest for gold and riches. He and his team treatedthese natives, they as obstacles to their mission rather thanfacilitators (America, 2015). He subjected the natives to extremebrutality and violence when they refused to give them gold. He wasonly after riches and pleasing the queen that he forgot the value ofother people. Furthermore, he took advantage of his advanced weaponryto mistreat the natives and kill a huge number of them. He alsoenacted policies of forced labor, forcing the natives to work for him(America, 2015). Fame and approval from the King mattered the most tohim that he got them at the expense of the lives of other humans.


Accordingto FBI (2015), the ten most wanted fugitives from the FBI are:

  1. Robert William Fisher for First degree murder (3 counts)

  2. Alexis Flores for kidnapping and murder

  3. Jason Derek Brown for first degree murder and armed robbery

  4. Glen Stewart Godwin for murder

  5. Yasel Abdel Said for multiple counts of capital murder

  6. Fidel Urbina for aggravated sexual assault and first degree murder

  7. Eduardo Ravelo for money laundering, possession of heroin, cocaine and marijuana with the intent to distribute

  8. William Bradford Bishop, Jr. For murder using a blunt object

  9. Victor Manuel Gerena for armed robbery and

  10. Semion Mogilevich for money laundering, fraud, aiding and abetting, securities filing false registration with the SEC.

Accordingto the US marshals (2015) the most wanted fugitives by the Marshal`sService are:

  1. Raymond Abbott-Baerga for federal firearms violations, gun smuggling

  2. David Benjamin Creamer for distribution of child pornography, firearms violations, money laundering, and income tax evasion.

  3. Corey Deshawn Gaston for failure to appear on charges of 1st and 2nd degree sexual assault of an under 13, kidnapping, home invasion, and child enticement

  4. Daniel William Heirs Jr. for criminal sexual conduct with a minor and accused murder.

  5. Robert Lee King for murder

  6. Frederick McLean for child molestation, and lewd acts with a child under 14

  7. Andre Neverson for murder, attempted murder, and entering the United States of America illegally using a Jamaican passport.

  8. John Ruffo for fraud

  9. Larry Porter Chism for escaping from prison, armed robbery, narcotic violations, kidnapping and airplane hijacking

RobertWilliam Fisher is wanted by the FBI for killing his wife and twochildren. He later blew up the house they lived in in Scottsdale,Arizona (FBI, 2015). He is also believed to be in possession ofvarious firearms making him dangerous. He disappeared on the day ofthe murders and has never been apprehended to date.

Accordingto FBI (2015), Jason Derek Brown murdered Robert Keith Palamares at4915 E. Ray road who was transporting deposits for the AMC Ahwatukee24 movie theater. Jason then stole $56000 and fled using a bicycle.The authorities recovered the bicycle where they found hisfingerprints linking him to the murder. He therefore fled toHenderson, Las Vegas and finally California. He then crossed theMexican border and has never been seen

RaymondAbbott-Baerga wanted for escaping from a maximum security detentionfacility while awaiting sentencing on firearms smuggling charges(USMarshals, 2015). He used an alias Robo-Cop to smuggle weapons suchas AR-15 and rifles out to Orlando, Florida and selling them inPuerto Rico to local gangs and drug traffickers. He was arrested in1992 and several firearms and ammunitions seized. He escaped in April1992 amidst a hail of gunfire. The US Marshalls believes that he isstill involved in firearms trafficking to date.

LarryPorter Chism was arrested and charged with armed robbery andnarcotics violations. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison. He shota guard and escaped on September 13, 1978. He hijacked a plane inArkansas along with other inmates who they had escaped together. Hewas arrested again but he escaped in 1980 and has never been arrestedever since (USMarshals, 2015)


Twosex offenders/predators were found within 1 mile radius of 6137 BlueGrass Cir Lake worth, Fl 33463. These are Statzer Cecil G. foundwithin a 0.3 miles and Gleason Raymond P. found 0.7 miles away. Theclosest sex offender lives 0.3 miles away and his name is StatzerCecil G. He is free and no longer under confinement or anysupervision whatsoever. Though required to register as per theFlorida law, there are no sanctions imposed on him (FDLE, 2015).

Itshocks me a lot to know that a sex offender is living in theneighborhood. Furthermore, he is not under any supervision ormonitoring by the authorities, meaning that he can roam the countryand find another victim to assault sexually. This makes me see doubtthe safety of the neighborhood and challenges me to be more cautiousespecially at night. The FDLE is to some extent a violation of thesex offenders/predators privacy by making their crimes known to thepublic. However, these violations of privacy are for the greater goodof the public in that they take caution to avoid being victims ofsexual assault. It also acts as a deterrent to other sexual offendersfor fear of appearing in the list of shame of sexualoffenders/predators. This helps reduce the sexual offense cases.


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