Coming to Birth

Summary of the book coming to birth with connection to heart ofdarkness

is abook written by Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye. Majorie was born inSouthampton in England back in 1928 but came to Africa as missionarywith an aim of selling her books. She arrived in Kenya in 1954, andthis was a time that the British were ruling Kenya. It was the periodof emergency where one was not supposed to do anything unless she orhe first notifies the ruling chiefs or British rulers. As a humanbeing who has feelings, Marjorie was married by a Kenyan and thus wasable to monitor the events that were happing in Kenya at that period.The novel has reflected the plight of women during the time of warsince at that time Kenya was demanding for independence (Macgoye,2000).

The books start withan educated man who is a working class and successful in life. Martinis working in the town at this period the people are demanding fortheir independence. He is married to a young girl who is naïve andignorant on how the city life should be lived. The couples areexperiencing challenges in their marriage. Paulina cannot get achild, and Martin is pressurizing Paulina to get a child for him. Thepolitical upheavals that are being experienced during this period inthe town are quite challenging both to Paulina and Martin (Macgoye,2000). Additionally, their marriage union is quite demanding sincethey need to settle as a young family but the political upheavalscannot allow them to settle.

Martin being seen asa successful man in the start of the story he is being frustrated dueto the leadership the country is being held into. The inability toget children is the next thing that is making Martin hopeless. Thechosen leaders are unable to deliver the country from the yoke ofcolonialism secondly the failure of a young family to get childrenbrings bitterness and thus it is a sign of failed expectations. Forinstance, the hospitals are far, and the British agent cannot allowMartin and Paulina to move at night to go to the hospital whenPaulina miscarries (Macgoye, 2000). This portrays a failed governmentand cannot deliver the citizens expectations. Martin engages to amarital affair with another woman leaving Paulina hopeless. Paulinaalso engages to such an affair, and she gets a son who is laterkilled. After learning from their mistakes they later reconcile andthey are seen as a wife and husband and the country is given itsindependence.

remind me about the “Heart of Darkness” a book that I have readand I can compare with it. The novel was composed by a Joseph Conradin the 1899. Conrad is a British composer who has given thedifference between the civilized individuals and those people who aredepicted as savages. The book is set in a way that is showing“imperialism and racism”. Marlow is narrating the story in Londonto his friends what was happening at that time. The book is similarto the other book I have read since they both give detailedinformation concerning pain and misery to the local individuals whoare not respected by their master. Racism in this book is the orderof the day that is also shown in the other book that I have read. Thebook is different from other books I have read since after the end ofthe day the author shows a sign of repentance to those who aredepicted as uncivilized and savage.


Macgoye, M. (2000). Coming to birth. New York: Feminist Pressat the City University of New York.