Comparing and Contrasting Article by Sullivan and Essig

Comparingand Contrasting Article by Sullivan and Essig

Thearticle that advocates for same sex marriage is defined by strictmoral codes on the importance of marriage. Marriage has beenepitomized as the definition of success in a man. This article istalking about same sex marriages. It emphasizes on the fact that lovethat also exist in that lifestyle an should be embraced in thesociety. The definition of love has been clearly defined in thatconservative society. This article advocates for same-marriagerecognition in the society through issuing same sex-marriagecertificates. It pleads with the society to accept teen kids who aregay and integrate them in the society with the same level of loveshown to the heterosexuals.

Thesecond article reviews the usual understanding of the significance ofmarriage and why it is deemed good for everyone. They pose to askwhether marriage is a universal human need. This article seeks toknow whether marriage is an essential attribute in life thatguarantees everyone happiness. This article takes the reader with thetraditional claims, why marriage is essentially good to everyone. Itfurther takes the reader, though those segments of society fromconservative, political to progressive advocacy groups that havetried to heighten those traditional beliefs.

Botharticles refer to the archaic reasons that forced one to get married.The first article notes that often people got married to make theirfamily and friends happy. The second article refuses the claims thatmarried people are healthier. It notes that the married and theunmarried are both similar. Infect it notes that the divorced areworse. In essence, the lesson learnt from that context is that oneshould not marry at all. They both agree that people should engage inmarried life because of personal beliefs rather than to conform tothe traditional customs.

Botharticles note that single people are scorned in the society. It isclear that the ultimate happiness can only happen when one ismarried. As a result, Sullivan from his article decides to isolatehimself from his friends and family. This is because the authorrefuses to conform to their popular belief on marriage and decides tolive his life. In fact, he advocates for same-sex marriage. This isto show that heterosexual marriage is not the only valid marriage. Hewas a gay man whose moral beliefs and personal values were abhorredby the society. The second article notes that married people are themost isolated. Noting that people are isolation from families andfriends, the article notes that human beings need more than marriage.

Bothfirst and second articles note that marriage has changed over theyears. It is clear that the traditional beliefs do not definemarriage anymore. The first article is advocating for same-sexmarriage. This was formally not acceptable, but changes in the socialstructure and recognition of basic rights have made this possible.The second article pointedly talks of a “domestic gulag”, can bea forced labor camp. This talks of mates in marriage that spend a lotof their time to work on their failing marriages.

Thefirst and second article differs on the significance of marriage. Thefirst article advocates for same-sex marriage. It talks of theimportance of family and integration in the society. The secondarticle in essence concludes that marriage is not meant for everyone.That to some people marriage will only add more pain and misery. Thesecond article declares that marriage is not meant for everyone afterall.

Finally,it is important to note that happiness contrasts both articles. Thefirst article seeks for the recognition of same sex marriage thatwill guarantee the participants a happy life. The article notes thathappiness can be achieved through marriage. The second articleindicates that the rate of happy people in marriages has slumped. Inessence this article tries to bring to light the fact that happinesscannot be achieved in marriages. That person needs more thanmarriages to achieve happiness.