Comparison and Contrast of two jobs

Typically,various people have their goals in life that they aim to attain them.For them to meet these goals, they undergo several experiences thatshape them to meet their goals successfully. In the perspective ofjobs, usually people will always get to work on different jobs, andthey have different experiences in each of their jobs. Therefore,different people gather various experiences in the jobs that theyhold at different capacities for instance through experiences/fun andsalaries. This essay compares and contrasts a bad job that I haveheld and a good job that satisfied my expectations.

Comparisonsand Contrasts

Thetwo jobs that I have held (the clerk and the managerial posts) relatein various ways. For instance, in both jobs it was evident that Igathered some job experience that is crucial for any scholar. Allthose jobs were useful in gathering more knowledge so that I could becapable of dealing with most of the issues at the workplace.According to Ehrenreich’s experiences, most of the employers willseek for your experience before they employ you. He says that he hada Ph.D. in Biology but he still hard to work hard on the low-payingjobs before seeking for a good job (Ehrenreich, 10-16). On thecontrast, despite the fact that both the jobs were crucial for thepurposes of experience, they differed in terms of workload that Ihad. The clerk job involved most of the clerical works and itrequired most of the time for the job to be satisfactory to themanagers. Besides, the managerial job entailed very little workloadsince junior staff did most of the work.

Additionally,both the jobs had a relationship regarding the amount of quality timethat they demanded. The two jobs required quality time for asatisfactory work to be done. All the jobs required that you spendenough time evaluating the data so that you could understand thesituation and come up with suggestions. Therefore, it is evident thatboth the jobs required a personal involvement for the job to besuccessful. The difference came on the salary that was paid for thework at this amount of time. In the context of Ehrenreich, he saysthat he had to work from 2:00pm to 10:00pm as a waitress at around$2.25 per hour so that he could be able to pay for his bills andgather his experience that he could refer in his future jobapplications. For the clerk job, the payment was about $7 per hourcompared to the managerial job that was approximate 12 dollars perhour (Ehrenreich, 56-67). The managerial job was satisfactory becausemore money was paid for the same amount of time that was spent in theclerical job. Therefore, the clerk job appeared to be strenuousbecause the input was not paid appropriately compared to themanagerial job.


Naturally,jobs differ in their specifications, and the expectations of theemployees are also different in various jobs. Every person willalways have their reason to prefer a particular job compared toanother job. The factors that they will use to evaluate the wellnessof the job they did depends on their personal expectations. Some ofthe common factors used in this evaluation include salary, freedom,having fun, etc. (McGraw-Hill, 1985).


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