Cool Quest Video and Reflection Assignment

CoolQuest Video and Reflection Assignment

Itis crucial to note that psychology is a crucial factor to theprogress of the community as a whole. The marketers usually usepsychology in an ethical and respectful manner to compel the buyersto purchase their goods. Typically, psychology has a great impact onmost of the areas of the community. Its impact can be positive ornegative depending on the perspective of the members of the community(Belk,1975).

Theinfluence of psychology on consumer behavior

Convincingthe consumers that your products are the best on the market createsthe central job of advertisers and marketers. The marketers takeadvantage of the psychological tenets that will explain and predictwhat people will buy.

Oneof the major ways that psychology will affect consumer behavior isthrough the beliefs and attitudes. What the consumers believe aboutthe seller’s products and services affects what and whether thecustomers will buy. Normally, this attitude persists even if thesituations that produced them change. For instance, if you perceive aproduct as being beneficial or their competitors as harmful you willlean towards one to avoid the other. Also, running emotional ideashas a greater influence on the consumer behavior. It is evident thatpsychological and emotional appeals reverberate more with consumersthan the function and feature appeal (Belk,1975).

Otherareas that can be influenced by psychology in the society

Oneof the common areas that can be influenced by psychology in thesociety is the religion. People will tend to be swayed depending ontheir psychological beliefs and stands. For instance, if they areconvinced that they are doing sin by following their current norms,they will tend to live as per the new religion.

Anotherarea that is greatly influenced by psychology is the health anddietary issues. It is because when the people are convinced on thenew diet program that appear to be healthy for them they will divertfrom their previous programs. It is also crucial to note thatrecently people are cautious about their health, and they will takethis matter seriously.


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