Cost of medical care

Costof medical care

TheUnited States of America is one of the best countries that have goodmedical care. Most of the medical schools from there are of highrank. This includes universities like Harvard, John Hopkins, Stanfordjust to mention a few but having the best medical care doesn’tnecessarily mean it can’t come with its downfall one of them beingthe cost of medical care. Medical care is considered to be veryexpensive in America and citing a few examples that support thatmedical care is expensive is the statistics that is done yearly bysome organizations.

Inthe United States of America, numerous people decline to have medicaltreatment because of the cost. Even though in the recent years, thegovernment has put new health care insurance policy. The new policyled to many citizens getting insured and reducing the number ofuninsured citizens. Therefore, most citizens can access medical care,but still there are cases of citizens declining not to have medicaltreatment because the medical care act has not immediately eased theexpense.

Theuninsured population is also another group that the cost of medicalcare has made a good number of them declines not to have a medicalcare treatment. They are many compared to citizens that haveinsurance this being the citizens with private insurance.

Thelower income citizens, a slight majority of them have declined tohave medical care in the recent years. When comparing to thehigh-income citizens most were delaying treatment and doing it afterthey can afford it, the middle-class citizens some of them are likelyto decline to get treatment. This clearly indicates that medical careis expensive in America unless reforms are done to reduce the cost ofmedical care

Bytrying to classify the medical treatment into two, serious conditionsand non-serious condition, a small number of the citizens withserious conditions tend to decline treatment and the citizens withnon-serious conditions declining treatment also. This clearly showsthat there are citizens who might die because treatment is expensive,this may increase the death rate in USA increase even if it’s by asmall margin. The non-serious cases being neglected might lead to thecases to develop to serious cases even making it more expensive forthe citizen affected to get the required treatment

Inthe United States, the number of physicians per person is very lowtherefore, it is hard patient to get quick medical attention e.g.getting a surgery done. Most hospitals do not have ready servicessome have to get the physician and to get the physicians means morecost to the patient. Due to the low number of physicians, the cost ofgetting a physician will be very high especially on medical caseslike tumors, etc. From the said statistics of physicians, this meansthat due to not having a lot of physicians getting one will beexpensive. Especially in cases where the treatment is very serioustherefore such conditions will make the cost of health care expensivefor that citizen who has a low income.

Inthe United States, the cost of buying drugs is very high. Even thoughone might be able to afford to see a physician after being prescribedthe drugs to buy it’s found out that there are cases where apatient has to use the prescribed drugs. To survive maybe, the drugsto be used are for use on a long-term basis. Therefore, a low-incomecitizen will find it hard to buy the drugs because of the expense itcomes with it. In the USA having a high economy compared to othercountries, this means that the amount of money spent on one personper capita is very high. This shows that getting drugs for medicationis expensive. The cost of production for these drugs in the USA isvery low, but the cost of production for new drugs is high, and thenew drugs are likely to be more effective.

Inthe USA yearly it is reported that there are patients who escape fromhospitals. The main reason most tend to escape from the hospital isbecause they are unable to pay the hospital bill. Another group ispatients that have successfully recovered from the medical treatmentthey were going through. These patients are unable to leave thehospital because they are unable to clear their medical fees.Therefore the longer the patient stays in the hospital, the more hisexpense rises. This shows that the healthcare in the USA is veryexpensive to some citizens.

Fromthe above examples, it is clear that healthcare in the USA is veryexpensive. The government needs to find better alternatives that willreduce the cost of health care, make better insurance policies thatwill make all citizens get the proper service and also make thelow-income earner be able to afford almost every medical problem thatthey may get in their life.