Counterargument Paper Gun control

CounterargumentPaper: Gun control


Thereis no doubt that gun control is among the most contention issues inthe modern American society. As a result, majority of people haveformed strong opinions for or against tighter gun control laws. Thepublicity of the gun control debate was triggered by widespreadshooting, especially in school which has continuously rocked thecountry. There are many people who have been killed as a result oninappropriate use of drugs. While proponent of gun control laws haveargued that irresponsible gun owners are indirectly or directlyresponsible for these deaths, and thus the need for tighter guncontrol laws, opponent have also made valid arguments. This papergives some of the counterarguments that have been argument byopponent of strict gun laws.

Itwould be wrong to discuss gun control laws without making referenceto the second amendment of the United States constitution. The secondamendment states that “a well regulated militia being necessary tothe security of a free state, the right of the people to keep andbear arms shall not be infringed”. Gun ownership is also an oldtradition in the American society. Any law that threatens this rightis against the constitution. As a result, there are several SupremeCourt ruling that have ruled against restricting gun ownership (Lott,2012). Opponent of gun control laws have also been opposed toenhanced background tests on individuals being they are allowed toown guns. This is because it goes against the fundamental right toprivacy. Background checks proposed by proponents of gun control willbe supported by an extensive database containing personalinformation. The government through its agencies will be invadingindividual’s privacy by searching for personal information.Questions have been raised on the logic of investigating individualsfor crimes they are likely to commit in the future. For example, thedatabase will be supported by micro-stamps on the cartridge.Additionally, background check and databases have been opposedbecause of the fact that the information collected is likely to beused for other purposes (Lott, 2010).

Theeffects of strict gun control laws on the black market have also beena contentious issue. Supporters of gun control have argued thatstrict gun control laws will effectively deal with the issue ofillegal guns. Additionally, it will restrict the procession of weaponof assault among illegal gang members (Underwood, 2013). However,opponent of gun control have objected to this view, arguing that lawstargeting law abiding citizens has no impact on gang activities andthe black market. Assault weapons are mainly used by civilians insports and hunting. Tighter gun control laws that restrict ownershipof these guns do not prevent criminal gangs from obtaining guns andcommitting crimes. Despite the fact that a large percentage ofshooters use legal guns, there is a problem with taking guns awayfrom the public while criminals can easily access them (Lott, 2010).

Inconclusion, the American society, policymakers and analysts aredivided on whether there is a need for gun control. The maincontentions has been the increased incidence of shooting especiallyin schools and the second amendment of the united states constitutionwhich gives American the right to own guns. Both opponent andproponents of gun control have valid arguments. However, the side ofthe debate individuals have taken is largely influenced by thesources of their information and facts.


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