Criminology Questions




Researchhas indicated that human trafficking, prostitution, and sexualslavery are crimes whose prevalence is high during occasions like theworld cup, World Series, and Super Bowls. While these crimes exist,what has been done to solve the situation has not solved the problem.To solve the situation, governments should raise awareness about therampant sex trafficking and sexual slavery that has historicallyaccompanied by such activities. Learning about the threat of humantrafficking and slavery in such events will combat trafficking bymaking the potential victims aware (Schneider,2014).More so, it will prepare people coming event to get prepared and takecare of their life. Education also warns the perpetrators about theconsequence of involving in such acts.

Secondly,the government should deploy security agencies to investigate andarrest the perpetrators of human trafficking band sexual slavery. Thepolice will enable to identify and arrest prostitutes and humantrafficking. On additional, the security company will handle anemergency, for example, rescuing those kidnapped. They will alsocontrol the activities in bars and restaurants where such activitiesare worse (Swanson, et al., 2012). Moreover, other governmentagencies like the judiciary should work closely with the lawenforcement agencies to ensure that the perpetrators are convicted.

Apartfrom police sting operations, the advocacy groups and local policeagencies should also combat the problem by handing out pamphlets tolocal concierges and club bouncers. Thirdly, the government shouldmonitor and control the selling of alcohol and other drugs. From theresearch, drugs are the forefront to cause immoral behavior likeprostitution. Hence, control of such drug will make people remain intheir sober mind and avoid doing the unethical behavior.

Lastly,being vigilant is critical. Hence, enables to identify humantrafficking and commercial worker. More so, you can spot a girl introuble, a woman being held against her will, and you can save her orhim either through calling the hotline for help or informing thepolice. Adhering to such can minimize if not eradicate suchactivities during such events.


Thedrug investigation is done by the drugs and vice division of thelocal country or state-level police department. Their primary goal isto arrest drug dealers and to take or seizing assets through criminaland illegal measures by drug traffickers. The operations of theseagencies supported by funds that they pay investigation expenses(Swanson, et al., 2012).

Druginvestigation department uses the following method to obtaininformation on the drug investigation. The drug investigation dependson the information based on the evidence received from an officer onthe street, members of the community, confidential information orother multiple agencies involved in law enforcement (Schneider,2014).

Mostof the drug enforcement usually gathers intelligence and interpretthem as part of their ongoing law enforcement efforts. Localcommunity plays a significant source of information (Schneider,2014).It usually concerns citizen who likely to give the police withinvaluable information at ground level. They are also able to provideinformation while remaining completely anonymous. It is notsurprising to note that enforcement department does not use any formof caller identification. They also do not tape record phoneconversation. The information collected is then submitted through theonline form or by use of the phone to the database (Swanson, et al.,2012).

Thepolice agencies can also gather information through the vasttechnology designed to detect and collect evidence of drugsconspiracies. Once the information obtained, the suspected isidentified and debriefed. The suspected is questioned hence,determine the participation and gains some understanding of theirmethods of operation (Swanson, et al., 2012).


Searchesand seizure are the procedure used in most civil law and common lawlegal system. Government agencies search of a person`s property andconfiscate any relevant evidence, depending on the constitution ofthe country, it is based on the premise that every individualentitled to a reasonable right to fair (Schneider,2014).Warrant on other is a particular type of authorization that iswritten issued by judges and magistrate, otherwise illegal act thatwould violate individual rights and affords the person executing theprotection from damages (Swanson, et al., 2012).

Warrantlesssearches are hunts and seizures conducted without the search warrant.According to the United States of America, it is restricted under thefourth amendment that is part of human rights. It protects the rightto the people`s house papers and effects, against unreasonablesearches shall not be violated.

Theevidence is very vital and essential in any case. Therefore handlingit should be précised. The following are the methods of handlingevidence identifying the evidence as soon as it was seized, sealingthe original document and evidence in the safe box, keeping theinventory evidence, separating it from the complaint file andreturning the evidence to the owners at the end of a process(Swanson, et al., 2012).

Thepurpose of proper evidence handling is to maintain the security,integrity of the crime scene and continuity. The evidence can use forfuture use as an exhibit. Since, provide an upper hand to show thevictim is illegal and against the law hence, brings justice.


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