Critical Response Essay


CriticalResponse Essay

Thepaper will critically analyze the film FedUpby StephanieSoechtig. The film offers a critical analysis on the causes ofobesity in America. The producer presents evidence that indicatesthat huge consumption of sugary and processed foods as the maincauses of obesity in the American society. Further, the produceroffers evidence to support the claim that industry players andmoneyed individuals are derailing the formulation of legislation andpolicies to address the matter. The film indicates that the dietaryguidelines created by the authorities in the past did not clearlyaddress the role of sugary and processed foods in causing obesity anddiabetes. According to Soechtig, the sugary and processed foods haveincreased the risk exposure of children to obesity. The producernotes that there is increased consumption of sugary foods amongchildren. He further observes that the society has adopted theculture of consuming sugary and processed foods with full knowledgeof the health dangers. Sugary and processed food items remain themain causes of obesity in the American society.


Obesityin the US has become a major health problem that needs urgentintervention. Many individuals risk suffering from lifestyle diseasessuch as diabetes. The prevalence of obesity varies between races andsex. Most individuals who are physically unfit or who carry excessbody fat are more likely to suffer from unhealthy blood lipid levelsthan their physically fit counterparts are. Efficient health careproviders use influential and conducive tactics to advance access tohealth to all people in the society. The film recommends that theestablishment of clear health guidelines will aid in the enhancementof social welfare and health protection among the peopleto help in the management and prevention of obesity. The film drawsimportant points that help establish the causes of obesity anddiabetes that have become serious health problems in the americansociety. The producer supports the evidence given by researchersabout the causes of obesity and diabetes (Soechtig, 2014).

Thefilm shows that the American citizens have dramatically changed theirdiet from the traditional highly nutritious foods to the consumptionof processed meat, processed milk products, canned meat, vegetableoils, canned juice and fried foods. As a result, they are gettingoverweight and obese due to their continued consumption despite thewarnings from nutritionists and health professionals(Soechtig, 2014).Majority of the Americans are overweight, hence exposing them toobesity. Overweight are linked to any serious health risks such asdiabetes and obesity.Thedocumentary shows that poor eating behaviors are great contributorsto obesity. Consumption of junk foods in the US has increased henceincreasing the possibility of being obese. One of the major setbacksabout the junk foods is the questionable quality nature of theingredients. The film also draws important point showing that sugaryand processed foods are stocked in supermarkets making the availablefor the citizens with ease. The producer also shows how foodcompanies are marketing their products to lure the citizens. Thesecompanies, as seen in the documentary, are making the food itemsconveniently available for the consumers. They are seen stocked inareas where they are clearly visible in the supermarkets. Sometimes,the information in their adverts is misleading since their ultimategoal is to create a brand image for their products and increase theirprofitability. These restaurants offer limited menu and their foodoffers are mainly available on demand for take away(Soechtig, 2014).With a high intake of sugar, fat, and salt, junk foods can deny thebody essential items such as vitamins, proteins, minerals and healthyfats. Junk foods result in the blockage of the coronary arteriesthrough the atherosclerotic plaques. Such health disorders arebecoming a major problem for the human beings. The producer indicatesthat children are growing fatter compared to their parents. Oneimportant area that the film addresses is the poorly crafted dietaryguidelines in the past few decades that have clearly refrained fromaddressing the growing cases of obesity and diabetes.

Moreover,the documentary brings another angle that shows how food companiesand moneyed individuals are using their resources to block attemptsto generate policies and legislations to address the matter. Theseindividuals and groups have blocked the attempts by the Congress,schools and parents to limit the sugar levels in the processed fooditems. In fact, the producer gives a list of 20 firms, politicalleaders and lobby groups that declined to talk to the filmmakers.Financial lobbying is blocking the attempts to enhance the healthwelfare of the citizens.

Nonetheless,the producer ignores the contribution of junk commonly regarded asfast foods in causing obesity. I believe that regular intake of junkfoods result in accumulation fat deposits in the body due to highproportions of carbohydrates in these foods. This excessive depositof sugar in the blood system causes obesity. With such anunderstanding, the producer would have given a holistic picture aboutthe causes of obesity and diabetes. It is not enough to blame thefood companies and political leaders. Eating behaviors are largelypersonal decisions hence the producer ought to have addressed thematter by looking at consumer perspective. What might be lacking isenough awareness about the listed health problems. The above criticalanalysis of the film draws a picture that has all along been said inthe media. The public, food companies, and authorities need to cometogether to create awareness on the approaches to reduce theincreasing rates of obesity and diabetes.


Ibelieve that the documentary will inform the policy makers and thegeneral public in the adoption of the rightful strategies to mitigateobesity condition. Sugar and processed food items appear to be thechief contributor of obesity and diabetes. The intervention measureshighlighted are instrumental in formulating intervention andpreventive measures. The film has also indicated the need for thepolitical leaders and food companies to support the formulation ofpolicies that will reduce obesity and diabetes. Without theirsupport, it will be difficult to create awareness on the dangers ofconsuming sugary and processed food items. Dietary guidelines need toprevent the healthcare problems affecting the American society,particularly obesity and diabetes that have greatly affected theyoung generation. I believe that the producer presents a good casethat has been overlooked by the society. Regulations and reduction onadvertisements featuring sweetened and poor nutrient foods can reduceplatforms where kids can get unwarranted information. Adoption of ahealthy lifestyle would aid in reducing the occurrence of thesediseases with a proper balanced diet and regular physical activity.Healthy diets are important for a healthy life and basic managementof lifestyle diseases among kids.


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